A Complete Guide: Career in Mass Communication

Mass Communication programs enable students to learn and access info related to individuals and entities to be transferred or communicated to the world within a time-bound period. Generally, the info is disseminated through books, newspapers, websites, magazines, films, blogs, Television, and radio. In other words, Mass communication is making info available to people using different platforms. To make it big in this field, candidates should enroll with the best College for Mass Communication in India.

Mass Communication – Scope 

After attaining a Mass Communication degree, you can apply in multiple sectors such as editing, reporting, writing, broadcasting, cable casting news, photographing, and other similar job profiles. Furthermore, individuals can work for either Visual/Audio Journalism or Print Journalism. In the latter, you can find jobs in journals, newspapers, and magazines and work as correspondents, editors, columnists, reporters, etc.

In contrast, you can find job opportunities on the Web, Radio, and Television in the latter. Besides, you can also build a career as a Fashion Photographer, Producer, Film Director, Screenwriter, Radio Jockey, Sound Recordist, and Sound Engineer with a Mass Communication degree in hand.

Admission and Eligibility Criteria 

Candidates looking forward to pursuing mass communication must have a senior secondary examination degree in addition to excellent communication capabilities. Admission to the courses is considered based on scores attained by the candidate in the qualifying exams.

To apply for a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, the minimum eligibility is 10+2, while postgraduate aspirants should have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Some universities and colleges conduct in-house entrance examinations to test the skills and knowledge of the candidates. They are given admission based on the marks scored in the qualifying examination.

If you want to make it big in this field, consider enrolling with Pune’s D Y Patil International University. Visit the website for detailed information on their admission criteria and eligibility.

Jobs and Career

There is a massive demand for Mass Communication graduates in TV shows, magazines, news channels, and various news portals and online publishing firms. Alternatively, individuals can also consider working as a freelancer for companies. However, the placement opportunities vary from one company to another depending on the candidate’s overall skills and experience.

People with excellent writing and communication skills can apply for jobs in journalism. Also, if you are creative enough to play with different words, you can easily make it big in this field. The expansion of the media industry has resulted in the emergence of news channels. It’s a golden opportunity, especially for the fresher who wants to be a part of this sector. The main job profiles for Mass Communication graduates include junior journalist, TV Anchor, Screen Writer, Editor at TV channels, magazines, or newspapers, Senior Journalist, and News Editor.

Besides, the course also prepares candidates for various other job opportunities within the communication and media fields. Mass communication program equips individuals with skills and knowledge that can be used in various fields such as technology, law, and finance.


So this was all about the scope and career paths you can choose after graduation in Mass Communication. However, you may conduct your research to find alternative career options in the field based on your interests and strengths.

Also, it is essential to get an education from a reputed institute or university to take your skills and knowledge to the next level. Apply now for this program to get started with your journey in journalism, media, and communications.

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