7 Types of Marbles for Tiling Bathroom Walls and Floor

Your bathroom is a private space of your home and that’s why, it is necessary to make this area as relaxing and cosy as possible as you can. For some consumers, concerns about investing on a natural or an engineered stone in the bathroom go beyond money, it is also about aesthetics, durability, and resistance provided by these top-selling stones for walls, flooring, wash basin, etc.

Bathroom flooring tiles must facilitate easier cleaning and ensure anti-bacterial protection to the residents. If you have not yet made up your mind about which tile to choose, here are seven types of marbles for tiling your bathroom walls and floors.

1 Bianco Carrara marble
The floor needs to match with the rest of the décor, that is, the wall colouring, bathroom utilities, etc. Bianco Carrara marble tiles not only furnish a bathroom design with attractiveness but also adds style. Due to its neutral white colour and delicate veins, the tiling work on the floor or the wall seems surreal and majestic. Moreover, when maintained properly, this marble can last for decades to come.

2 Compac Absolute Blanc Glace
The Compac Absolute Blanc Glace tile stands out as one of the most refined quartz to invest in the bathroom as a flooring tile or wall tile. It delivers a higher performance and resists abrasions, humidity, and does not absorb water. Also, bathroom cleaners do not have a damaging effect on the Compac surfaces. Furthermore, it offers excellent stability in that the pure white backdrop never fades.

3 Neolith Estatuario Silk
If you love the natural look of the Carrara marbles, then you will instantly fall for the Neolith Estatuario Silk. The greatest advantage is that it imitates the marble with perfection but with a superior quality. The silk finish is versatile and it elevates the Estatuario pure white elegance.

4 Dekton Aura Smooth Matte
You will find the most profound characteristics of marble in Dekton Aura Smooth Matte tile. Each slab is distinct, which increases the possibilities of design creations. The extravagant white and thick grey veining never damage and do not proliferate bacteria. When combined with other neutral, vivid or dark colours, Aura retains the spotlight at all times.

5 Negro Marquina marble
The intriguing black of Negro Marquina marble fascinates while the white veining interweaves and create that absolute effect that is just not possible to discover on any other surface.

6 Statuario marble
White base and grey veins, Statuario marble come in a vast variety of finishes such as: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Riven to give your stone that sharp treatment and to suit all lifestyles. Its resilience enriches your space with peculiarity.

7 Crystal White marble
White in its most crystalline form, the Crystal White has a majestic surface that reflects light. Therefore, it is one of the best choices to create a spacious feel inside the bathroom.

The tiles are available in small to large sizes, so you can have the privilege of applying this sturdy material from the top to the bottom.

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