6 Ways to Turn Old and Funky Floors Into Elegant Surfaces

Top quality flooring is an essential feature of beautiful buildings. Real estate professionals point out that the look and overall quality of floors have a significant impact on the appraisal value of a home or commercial space. This is why, among home upgrade projects involving preparations for resale, changing the floors is one that promises a solid ROI.

Therefore, if you are thinking of making improvements in the appearance of your home or commercial space, sprucing up the look of your old floors is always a good idea.
So, what exactly can you do? Here are six great ideas to consider for turning old and funky floors into elegant and impressive surfaces.
1. Use wood
Wood floors are absolute classics. They never go out of style, and they go with pretty much any type of interior design, be it old world glamor or modern futuristic.
Light-colored wood is especially popular these days because it fits beautifully in Scandish and Japanese interior designs, which are both strong trends. But apart from the charming appearance of wood floors, they offer other advantages as well:
● Wood floors are durable
● They are easy to repair
● They age beautifully
● They improve indoor acoustics
● Studies show that wood floors make people feel more relaxed and homes with wood floors are attractive to property investors
2. Install mosaic tiles
Floors with elaborate patterns never fail to attract, especially when they are used in the lobbies of urban establishments. Stunning floors with an artsy design are easy enough to create with mosaic tiles.
Mosaic tiles come in a vast variety of sizes, colors, designs or patterns, and even textures. There’s no shortage of possibilities with them, and it really is just a matter of determining what kind of design you want to create with them.
3. Polish old floors
There’s nothing like a decorative flooring finish to give old floors a completely new look. Even plain concrete can look sophisticated once decorative finish like Neocement has been applied.
Aside from a more polished look, the decorative finish also offers the additional benefits of making floors smoother and so much easier to clean, as well as resistant to fire. Neocement is even known to fortify the structural integrity of floors and is anti-static.
4. Create the look of precious gemstones
Try Terrazzo flooring to create the look of gorgeous gemstones. Terrazzo flooring combines glass, porcelain, marble, mirror chips, mother-of-pearl pieces, and other materials for jewel-like floors.
If you want your floors to really impress, you cannot go wrong with this flooring solution. You will require expert installers for such floors, though, but all the work and costs will surely yield a high return on investment. Terrazzo flooring stands out, and it’s durable, mold-resistant, stain-resistant, and environment-friendly.
5. Paint it
A lovely coat of paint is sometimes all it takes to take old floors from drab to fab. It doesn’t even matter if you have hardwood, concrete, or tiled floors because paint works for them all.
Like with mosaic tiles, there are countless possibilities with paint as a floor upgrade solution. You have the option to paint your floors in a single unexpected color such as fuchsia or cobalt blue. You can also choose to paint images or patterns.
Best of all, using paint to change the look of floors is an easy and quick upgrade. And, if you wish to achieve higher quality results from painting floors, top it off with decorative finish such as Liquid Crystal.
6. Cover it with luxurious woven fabric
Finally, for commercial spaces such as retail stores, you can take a cue from fashion runways. Cover the floors with luxurious woven fabric. Former fashion editor and now space designer Peh Peh did this for her home, and the result is unique and beautiful.
Covering floors with woven fabric will not only bring a nice splash of color and texture to rooms, but it can improve interior acoustics as well by diminishing the sound of walking. At the same time, it can improve insulation, making floors warm to sit on during the cold months.
There are a lot of ways to transform old floors into walking surfaces that radiate complete beauty. Hopefully, the ideas shared here can help you in achieving your desired building makeover.
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