6 Home Decluttering Hacks to Improve Your Life

Why Declutter?
Decluttering is perfect for optimizing your home space and creating more room for the things you love. It’s ideal for getting rid of anything unwanted in your home and your life for a clearer mental space as well as a clearer living situation. It can also help you to reassess the value you place on material items and ensure that you’re only surrounded by what you need. Not only that, but it’s ideal for keeping your home cleaner and tidier!

6 Decluttering Hacks

1. Take it Slow
Deciding to declutter your entire house can be very overwhelming. Prepare your decluttering in stages, such as tackling one room at a time, so that you don’t feel too pressured to get everything done as quickly as possible.

2. Eliminate Guilt or Sentimentality
A lot of clutter is built up of items kept out of obligation, such as old gifts or something which has a personal attachment for you. While of course you should keep the items you want to keep if they have deeper meaning, try to be as objective as possible when it comes to what you have. If you simply don’t like something and never use it, there is no point keeping it tucked away out of guilt.

3. Donate or Sell Your Items
Donating unwanted items is a great way to feel better about your decluttering, as not only do you clear space, but you ensure the items can help a good cause, too. Likewise, selling certain items — especially bigger items worth a higher price tag — can help to earn a little extra cash if needed. You can always use a self-storage facility for any excess items which you intend to get rid of through selling or donation. This keeps them separate from your home space, ensuring you can still move forward with your decluttering.

4. Stay Organized
You don’t want to create even more clutter by moving items from one place to another and achieving nothing. Organization is key during the process. You could mark boxes or bags with their relevant intention, such as ‘items to donate’ or ‘items to keep’.

5. Invest in Storage
If you have a lot of items which all have a purpose and you want to keep, decluttering could be as simple as more storage and organization. If you’re in the habit of having belongings strewn everywhere so that your home feels messy, invest in storage items such as boxes or crates, and clear out spare cupboards or drawers so you can store everything a little better.

You could also buy new furniture with better storage capabilities.

6. Utilize Wall Space
A good way to have a cleaner and fresher living space is to make use of shelves for items or storage. This easily frees up room in your actual living space, meaning you can leave the floor space clear of any extra items, and organize them on shelves or shelving units instead.

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