6 Great Apps You Can Enjoy With Your Children

Playing games with your children can be a fun and educational experience. It helps them learn new things and develop their skills in different ways.

Apps like Toca Boca, Draw Something, and Peppa Pig are some of the most popular apps kids love to play with. These apps are designed for children’s learning needs and provide a safe environment where children can explore new things without any fear of harm or embarrassment.

It also helps you form a bond with them by teaching them something new while having fun together. Since Google and Apple have a lot of apps in their app stores, it can be challenging to find games that are child-friendly, fun and something you can play with your children.

Here are six great apps to help your children:

Two Dots

Two Dots is an app that you can enjoy with your children. It is a fun and engaging game that helps children learn colors, numbers, shapes, and more. It’s a game with a great soundtrack, engaging gameplay, and puzzles that you can work out together.


Uno is a great app to play with your children because it’s easy to learn how to play it without being too complicated for them. It also has no in-app purchases or ads, so kids won’t have any distractions when they’re playing this game. You can also play with your children and the rest of your family since there is a multiplayer element to the game. So, you can play with your children on their Lenovo tablet or play against them on your smartphone.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an app that you can enjoy with your children. It is a game that encourages kids to get out and explore the world around them. It’s also a great way to bond with your child while learning about the world. Finally, it’s a great game if you want to help your children be more active while teaching them how to play safely with technology and pay attention to the world around them as they explore.


Stack is a great app that allows you to play with your children and have fun. This game is the simplest out of the games listed with a single objective: to stack blocks on top of each other.

Among Us Mobile

Among Us is a social game where you play together with your friends, family, or people from around the world. The game’s objective is to find the imposter before they get rid of all of the crewmates. It helps develop children’s social skills and teaches them about teamwork, empathy, communication, and cooperation.

Tiny Room

Tiny Room is a puzzle game that allows you and your children to uncover a hidden mystery in the small town of Redcliff. The interface is simple and great fun for a family that loves uncovering hidden mysteries and playing escape rooms.

These are just six great games that you can enjoy playing while bonding with your children. All of these games are available on iOS and Android.

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