6 Features of Modern Language Labs for Colleges

Language lab is a highly integrated system which helps students to learn different languages and increase their skills and fluency for a particular language. The main focus is on four skills speaking, listening, reading and writing. Both schools and colleges have recognized the need for language labs and their role in framing the linguistic base of students. Language labs come with highly equipped technologies, computer system and a linguistic setup. It is a perfect intermix of traditional knowledge and modern machinery. Students learn very fast and efficiently through this integrated system. The skills of students are greatly enhanced.

Language labs nurture the interest of students in learning a language and help them to improve their skills and points out their flaw. Furthermore, it is a self-paced system which brings in natural motivation to learn a language by making the learning process interesting, enjoyable and fast. As time has passed, new developments have taken place, the scope is diversified and there are various designs of language labs that you can check by visiting the websites. Modern language lab for college has striking features and excellent learning sources. To read more just look into the next paragraph.

Let’s explore the most popular features of modern Language Labs for Colleges:

  1. Master tool or console

This is central equipment that controls all the operations of the language lab. It enables the instructor to access all the functions and operations of the language lab. This makes it easier to monitor student activities and progress. This system connects the instructor to all the students and makes it easier to keep in touch with all and maintain the record of daily classroom activities.

The master console consists of headphone and mike connected microprocessor which acts like a dialling switch panel. There is a display of all the students request that can be accessed by the teacher independently. This system enables us to connect with the external audio devices like VCD player, etc.

  1. A large Conference room

A language lab for colleges is usually a large conference room equipped with master console, technology and computers. The conference room can host many students at a time and make a good collective class. There are proper sound reinforcements along with soundproofing for the large conference rooms. The system offers excellent audio clarity and is an ideal place for a language lab. You can read more about these features as you scroll down.

  1. Individual Unit

Also known as student’s unit, it is unit built for the two students equipped with headphone and mike. Each pair of students is provided with an individual slot where they work, attend classes and much more.

  1. Biometric Attendance Device

Since it is a modern language lab, every method and activity is a bit advanced. Manual work is reduced and replaced by its digital or technological counterparts. Similarly, the concept of teacher roll calling the students is old gone. Now all you need to do is simply get your thumb or finger placed on the biometric device and you are on record for the attendance. The data is stored and easy to maintain and saves time. To know more about the biometric device you can visit the website and check for yourself.

  1. Flat Panel Display

Since language lab uses audio and visual aids the concept of flat panel display is a conceivable notion. The flat panel display is mounted on the wall of the classroom in a way the students face it. The flat panel display of high quality and touch-enabled by the use of IR technology and showing HD visuals. The panel also has inbuilt whiteboard feature making it reliable for multipurpose uses.


These were some of the few features of modern language labs for the colleges. Language lab nurtures the student’s needs and makes learning effective and efficient. The concept of old methods of teaching languages is long gone.

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