5 Tips for Finding a Good Financing Rate for a Used Car

Obtain your credit score
The first thing to do when trying to get the best interest rate to purchase a used car is to obtain your credit score. You can get your credit score from Experian or Equifax. These companies are the most trusted credit-reporting agencies in the nation. Once per year you can get a free credit report, but if you need it more than once per year you can request it at a small fee. Your credit score determines the interest rate you may qualify for. Banks and credit unions also use the same score to determine your credit worthiness.

Try a lender network company
Companies such as E-loan and Lending Tree make it easy for you to compare interest rates to other institutions. Submit a request for a car loan to E-loan and they will give you the options of the best rates from different financial organizations.

Using a network of lenders saves you the time of doing the research yourself and gives you a great place to start when finalizing the source you will use for your car loan.

Ask your current bank or credit union about their rates
It is a good idea to compare the interest rates offer by the network of lenders and what your current bank or credit union may offer. You can take the best offers you already received from a lender and ask your bank if they can match or beat the deal. Your bank may offer you a better deal as they can not only review your credit score but also your bank transactions.

Ask your dealer about their financing options
Your last stop while shopping for a best possible interest rate should be the car dealership. Many car dealers provide a wide selection a financing options. Even if your credit score isn’t above average, car dealerships can offer good deals on interest rates, after all they also want to sell you the car.

Be sure to bring all your pre-approved rates with you to the dealership. Having preapproved loans will indicate to the dealer that you are creditworthy and capable of paying off your loan, which may get you a better deal.

Pay attention to loan’s total cost
When shopping at different places for the best rate, keep in mind that no matter how low the rate, if the loan is extended over a longer period of time, you will be paying more in the long run. The best way to make sure you are still getting a reasonable price on the loan is to focus on the total cost of the loan. A higher interest rate for a shorter period of time may be cheaper than having a lower interest rate for a longer period of time. If you choose to have a lower interest rate for a long period of time, be sure that you avoid an upside-down loan, which means you owe more than the car is worth. You can avoid an upside-down load by making a larger down payment.

Car Financing in Kansas City If you are looking to find a loan within the Kansas City area, Northtowne can assist you with any of your financial needs. We want the rate that’s best for you when buying a used car so we’ll help you find financing outside of our dealership as well as inform you of our financing options.
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