5 Reasons to Study in Canada in 2018

study abroad opportunity in canada
Planning to study abroad for higher studies?
Discover here why more than 200,000 international students choose to study in Canada

Home to world’s top research universities across different disciplines, Canada is firmly established as one of the world’s leading study destinations for study abroad.

Quality world-class education from world-class institutions, easy Canadian student visa, part-time work opportunities and post-study work visa as also easy stay back or Canada PR options make Canada a popular international education destination. Here’s what makes international students choose Canada as their no.1 choice for higher education:

Canada offers international students the option to either study in SPP (Student Partnership Program) colleges or world-class universities that are equally popular for academic excellence and quality. SPP which is specifically for students from India and China is specialized trade requirement based diploma and post-graduate diploma program at community colleges in Canada. Over 40 Canadian colleges including Senecca, Humber, Fanshaw, Centennial, Fleming College and several ACCC colleges are listed under the SPP program and ensure prompt student visa processing. On the other hand, University fees, if you can afford them, offer better research facilities, infrastructure and world-class learning experience.

Affordable Education
If you’re looking for an affordable option to pursue higher studies, look no further than Canada.

Equally popular for vocational studies and degree courses, the living expenses and tuition fee for an international student in Canada is comparatively very affordable vis-à-vis other popular student destinations like the USA, UK, and Australia. Even as the quality of education and living standards are amongst the highest in the world, Canada offers itself as an incredibly affordable option for international students.

Globally Recognized High-Quality Education:
High-quality education and academic standards of Canadian college and universities are globally recognized and respected by employers and institutions worldwide. The quality education that is awarded opens doors for your global career. Canadian universities like Universities like McGill University, The University of British Columbia, University of Alberta or Simon Fraser University are popular student destinations and give a lot of emphasis for scientific research and emphasis on practice-based learning approach.

Looking to study abroad for higher studies in Management, Engineering, Hospitality, Health Services or others? Canada leads over others in innovative research fields of emerging technologies such as telecommunications, AI, biotech, and psychology. It is very easy to get a student visa Canada. Meet our Canada study abroad consultants to fast-track you application.

With three major intakes in Canada namely fall – (Sept-Dec), Winter- (Jan – Apr), summer (May – Aug), its best to apply 6 month before your session starts. Students can choose to pursue

Students can choose from a number of study programs–
• Certificate or diploma (One or two years)
• Advanced diploma (Two or three years)
• Undergraduate (three or four years)
• Postgraduate (two years)
• PhD (four or five years with dissertation)

Students can easily get admission in Canadian colleges and universities because of the lenient admission process and student visa Canada.

Vibrant Campus Lifestyle:
Canada offers international students a vibrant and enriching campus life. It boasts of one of the highest standards of living and considered one the safest countries in the world too. The emphasis on research and high academic standards, practice-based learning, and multi-cultural diversity ensure a campus life which offers multiple opportunities for personal development. It’s also a unique opportunity to grow your professional network and foster relationships with professors and industry. While the minimum wage rates tend to vary based on your location in Canada, there are many part-time work opportunities:

Excellent Part-Time Work Opportunities
Canada offers plethora of part-time work opportunities to help international students gain valuable work experience develop professional skills as also meet their living expenses. With a average minimum wage rate of $11 per hour, students have the opportunity to work either on-campus/ off-campus or as Co-op/ Internships.

Off-Campus Work Permit Program
While you may work without a work permit on-campus work, for off-campus part-time opportunities, International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during regular academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks in the academic year, such as winter and summer holidays or spring break.

Co-op/ Internships:
Available to international students whose program includes work-experience as part of their curriculum, you may for co-op or intern work permit if
• you have a valid study permit
• working is a key part of your study program in Canada
• you have a letter from your school that confirms all students in your program need to complete work placements to get their degree
• your co-op or internship is 50 percent or less of the total program of study
Further, while you study in Canada, your spouse too can accompany you on dependent visa and even work full-time by applying for an open-work permit.

Post-Study Work Visa and Easy Stay Back PR
World-class education apart, Canada has an immense appeal especially for the post-study work visa and PR opportunity. Did you know that it’s easier to get a post-study work permit in Canada if you’ve pursued a full-time course of more than 8 months? Post-study work visa gives you the opportunity to work in Canada for a 3 year period. However, you must apply within 90 days upon officially completing your studies. Once you’ve gained enough experience in Canada on study permit, you may apply to stay back on PR under CEC stream of Express Entry System. With very relaxed immigration rules, getting a Canada PR is easy and opens door to a global career.

Which course are you looking to study in Canada?
Your decision to study in Canada offers you a unique opportunity to pursue affordable world-class education that opens door for a world of big opportunities. To know more on Canada student visa or how to get easy and fast visa processing meet our Canada study abroad consultants for free counseling.

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