5 “No Makeup” Tricks for Stunning Look

Makeup is a normal part of our lives. It’s sometimes unimaginable not to wear it, even just a little. But our skin could use a rest from time to time. This is especially a case during the summer when we sweat and are exposed to the sun.
Natural look lets you be authentic and enhance your features. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to rest your skin from all the cosmetic products you regularly use. Not to mention it will be able to breathe and cleanse in order to maintain its quality and structure.
However, this is not the end of the world. There are many tricks you can use to look stunning and flawless. And neither of them involves makeup.
1. Don’t forget to exfoliate
Exfoliation helps you remove the dead cells and smoothes your skin. It’s advised to use circular and gentle movements so that you would also massage your skin in the process. Additionally, exfoliation removes deep impurities clogging our pores and gives you a healthy appearance.
You lose the spots and unify the colour of the skin, and it can even seem as though you’re wearing a foundation. Massage and removal of dead skin cells will also bring colour to your cheeks, as well as allow your skin to receive more oxygen. You can go to the professional to perform exfoliation with devices and more effective products, which will, even more, help your skin to rejuvenate.
2. Eat food good for the skin
Food influences a lot more than just our skin. It has a comprehensive impact on our bodies and even our mood. Of course, you can use supplements to get those extra vitamins and minerals good for your skin, but it’s much better if they come directly from the source. Fruits and vegetables are full of them, as are whole grains, seeds and nuts.
Additionally, you can use the food to make nutritional masks and refresh your skin directly from the outside. Cucumbers hydrate your skin and draw out water, while banana and honey mask is also good for acne troubles. Vinegar will have a tightening effect, while mayonnaise is great for dry skin.
3. Drink a lot of water
You are probably tired of hearing about the importance of hydrating your body. Water is the essence of life, so of course, it will have positive effects on your skin. It will keep your body hydrated inside and out, only if you take recommended amounts. A minimum of eight glasses per day will help your organs remove toxins from your body. This will cause them to work properly, your skin will receive a fresh and clean blood flow which will make your appearance fresh and livelier.
4. Have enough sleep
When we sleep, our body starts the process of recharging and healing itself. Through chemical processes in our bodies, we control the state of our skin and behaviour. Having advised 6-8 hours of sleep every night will make our skin radiant and remove the dark circles underneath our eyes. Not to mention that you will slow down the ageing process since skin produces collagen while we sleep. Over the years, our deposits of collagen start depleting and during sleep, we keep the quantities as high as possible.
5. Small cosmetic tricks
It’s no secret that today’s cosmetic industry offers many solutions which improve the look and accentuate certain features. However, this is also a great opportunity for those who want to avoid putting on makeup every day. Or, those who want to feel beautiful 24 hours a day.
One of those solutions is microblading your brows. This will give them shape and thickness you want, so they will always look great. Another great solution is lash infill for volume and which elongates your existing ones. You can also try hyaluronic fillers for wrinkles and to pronounce your lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance already present in our bodies.
Skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. It is also the one influenced by the stress and pollutions the most. Giving your skin a chance to breathe and be in its natural state is only going to help to keep it healthy and young. In addition, with some, if these tricks, you will certainly look flawless even without the makeup.
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