5 Job Prospects with PG Program in Analytics

Today we live in an era of technology and data. Most of the companies are generating, collecting and storing thousands of troves of data which is being used to drive business value. With the increasing demand, pg in analytics provides a huge opportunity for everyone to get several types of jobs.

The job prospects are high after PG program in Analytics, some of these are:

1. Business Analyst: A business analyst works to analyze the data and make valuable insights. They are primarily focused on strategic planning while also assessing business models. They build statistical models, which explain the various variables of a business company. Not only this, but a business analyst is also responsible for the management of the database through collection and organization. They also create data visualization which ultimately helps in the planning and development of new insights.

2. Quantitative Analyst: A quantitative analyst works in the finance department and helps a company to assess risk factors while also assisting them to generate profits through various trading strategies. They are also responsible for designing and development of mathematical models which allows the firms to trade the securities. Some of the basic skills required for a person to become a quantitative analyst are aptitude for mathematical finance, probability, statistics, and calculus.

3. Market Research Analyst: The market research analyst studies the market and its condition in order to understand the potential for the success of a new product or service. They assess whether a particular product can work well in the current market conditions so that they can optimize its impact as well as revenue. The market research analyst works to research as well as forecast some of the basic trends, while also making a detailed analysis of the target consumers.

4. Operations Research Analyst: An operation research analyst works at an organization to help them optimize and collect all the data that is required for the efficient working of a company. The research for ways to minimize waste while also streamlining various processes. Read more to find out how an operation research analyst plays an important role in the growth and development of a company.

5. Data Analyst: A data analyst works for finance companies, telecommunication companies, manufacturing as well as construction and utility. They work to keep track of all the company data while also creating visual graphics. After the completion of a post-graduate degree in analytics, an individual can start working in a company as a data analyst which is one of the most sought after jobs in this field.

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