5 Home Improvements You Should Consider This Year

Are you getting ready to sell your house? Updating and prepping your home for sale can be a daunting prospect. However, it’s the time when you’ve got to tackle all those little repair jobs you’ve been letting slide for years as well as home improvements that are going to add value to your property. The chance of selling your home above list price dramatically increases if you spend time and money on some home improvements. Luckily for you, some small home improvement projects can yield big returns when it comes to closing the sale.

Here are five home improvements you might want to consider if you’re planning to sell your home this year

1. Painting

Painting your home is one of the lowest cost improvements you can make. It’s also the one with the highest rate of return. Give your home a facelift with a beautiful coat of neutral paint as prospective buyers will find it easier to visualize themselves in your home if they’ve got a blank canvas to work with. Choosing the right color can be difficult, but a trained professional might be able to offer recommendations. The color you choose will also depend on the lighting and other features in your home such as the cabinets and flooring.

2. Landscaping the Yard

The first thing a buyer will see when they come to look at your house will be the yard. First impressions count for a lot so roll your sleeves up and give it a tidy up. Overgrown shrubs and trees should be cut back and anything dead or dying needs removing. Refresh your lawn and spruce up the edging to help define the spaces. There’s nothing wrong with adding a few newly planted shrubs and perennials because they will make your home feel more inviting.

3. Flooring

A quarter of homeowners choose to replace carpet or repair flooring when they’re putting their home on the market. To create a seamless feel throughout the house, why not invest in new flooring for all the rooms? Carpeting is not quite as popular as it once was and many homeowners are opting for wood or faux-wood floors, even though they can be more expensive.

4. Updating Windows and Siding

If your existing siding and windows are looking worn or damaged, it’s not going to create a great first impression! Siding is what protects your home from termites, moisture, heat and damaging impacts, so it’s vital it’s kept in good condition. The most common type of siding is vinyl, and it’s also the cheapest. It’s not the kind of home improvement you can do yourself, so you’ll have to hire an expert vinyl siding contractor Kansas City or wherever you might be living.

5. Updating a Bathroom

For a good return on investment, you can’t go wrong if you choose to update your bathroom. A bathroom that looks old is going to date your house, and it can be quickly and easily remedied. New countertops, new tiling, new fixtures, and cabinets will transform your tired bathroom.
Before you splash out on any of these improvements, consider your home’s basic needs. When a buyer comes to look at your home, they will be expecting it to be well maintained, safe and livable, so these are a priority before you think about any updates.
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