4 Vital Tips to Ease Teething Pain without Medication

Teething is an essential rite of passage for your baby although it can be a bit painful. It can be irritable for her and she can also have difficulty in sleeping. This happens because those teeth try to break the surface and cut through her delicate gums.

Today, more parents think twice and are reluctant to go for the over-the-counter medications unless they are absolutely essential. So here are some natural ways for soothing the pain from teething that keep the little bundles of joy awake night after night.

By following these methods you can reduce the pain of teething naturally without going for any kind of medications.

• Select the Teething Rings Very Carefully – The older teething rings are able to freeze into uncomfortable and hard rings. They contain the potentially dangerous chemical of Bisphenol A (also known as BPA) that does not comply with all the safety standards that are stated in the recent times. There are also hazards in the hands-down teething rings that are much cheaper. The issues of freezing teething rings have been addressed recently for boosting the comfort level of the baby. There are new offerings in the market, today, that can be placed in the freezer easily without compromising on their pliancy.

• Try to Keep the Gums Cool –One of the handiest and inexpensive methods of soothing the teething symptoms is using a damp cloth. You should wring the cloth very well and place the damp cloth in the freezer. Now you can let the baby chew on the chilled cloth which not only helps with the pain and the inflammation but also reduces the swelling and helps to satisfy their innate need to chew to speed up the process of teething surface. The softness of the cloth as opposed to the rigid and hard surface of the teething may turn out to be the one needed by your little one. All babies are different and have different teething needs. So you must supervise them to know what they need.

• Sooth and Comfort the Gums – Sometimes all a baby needs who is irritable from the teething effects is some warm cuddling and soothing so that they can sleep. Especially during the rough teething bouts, she needs you to make her feel loved and reassured so that she can feel secure enough to sleep despite the discomfort.

• Must Rub the Gums – Remember the first ever teething aid happens to be the fingers of Mom. And they are still the best tool to massage the teething baby’s inflamed and sensitive gums according to the reputed dentists of the best dental clinic in Bangalore. But ensure that you wash your hands properly prior to putting your fingers into your baby’s mouth. Using hand sanitizers and gels can actually expose your baby’s sensitive skin and body to the harmful chemicals, fragrances and dyes. That is why the good old water and soap are the best, in this case.

The above are some of the things that you can try for easing your baby’s teething pain in a natural way without any medication.

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