4 Benefits of Using a Phone Answering Service

Phone calls are an essential part of running a business, so when we miss a call for whatever reason, that means we are missing out on a potential customer.

While email is popular for certain queries, you will find that many people will want to get an answer as soon as possible or will want to talk to who they are intending to talk to directly rather than over a written message. This is why a phone answering service can offer some excellent benefits for busy businesses.

To find out about the benefits of using a phone answering service – read on!

Missed Calls Decrease Customer Service

It is likely you have been on the other side of the coin, being a customer who is trying to get hold of a company with an enquiry or an update, only to be shunned with either a consistent ringing tone which never gets answered or cut off with no further information. We all know how much of a pain it can be, so having an answering service can really help with this.

There will be no more missed calls, and every customer should get through to someone who can help them quickly and efficiently through the call, meaning that customers leave the call satisfied. We probably do not need to tell you how important customer satisfaction is, but in case we do – it is very important!

Give an Important Impression of Your Brand

Since customers are the backbone of our businesses, it is crucial that we give off the right impression to them. They will want to know that they are looked after and, if they have any issues at all, they will reach someone who can help them. This does tie in with customer satisfaction, but it is also important for potential customers or those who have never heard about your brand before. Investing in a phone answering service shows everyone that you are serious about their needs and concerns.

Increased Productivity and Time Saved

Instead of your employees having to get up to answer the phone every time it rings or stop the task they are doing, having a phone answering service put in place means they can carry on with their job undistracted, without having to pick up where they left off and re-focus – which can take around 20 minutes to do! This can encourage increased productivity and help save time for those who need to be doing other tasks over answering the phones.

Removes the Process of Finding the Right Candidates

Many people like hiring, but not many people like firing, and unfortunately, that is part of the package when you are trying to find someone who is the right fit for your company. Outsourcing a phone answering service eliminates many of those issues, as you can just switch companies if you are not happy without any obligation, contracts, or other barriers. There will also be no need for training, as the company you hire will already be fully trained in the area you need.

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