3 Reasons A BowTie Better Suits Your Groom

Getting married isn’t something you do every day, so when the big day comes, it is important that everything be just right. The right people need to be invited. You need: the perfect venue for the actual wedding, the reception, the perfect cake, a bridal gown that will make the bride feel like she’s the only girl in the room, and a tuxedo that does the same thing for the groom. Part of what makes a groom tuxedo special is mens tuxedo accessories, including the choice of tie.


When it comes to wedding apparel, grooms consider two possibilities when it comes to neckties. The traditional long tie, or the bow tie. While it was once a given that the bow tie would win the challenge it is no longer a given that it will take its place on the groom’s tuxedo. Here’s some reasons why it should.
A Bow Tie is Unique
Head into any corporate office any day of the week and what do you see? Slews of men in traditional long ties. Traditional long ties are something to wear everyday, in the board room and for business transactions. But your wedding day isn’t supposed to be like another day at the office. It’s supposed to stand out, and the groom is supposed to stand out and be memorable. Wearing a bow tie will help him do that.
The groom may ask his groomsmen to wear long ties, in order to make his bow tie make even more of an impression. On this of all days, it’s important to see the groom’s face, and with these mens tuxedo accessories the eyes are drawn upward toward the face, rather than across the chest.
A Bow Tie is More “Nerves Friendly”
When traditional ties are worn to the office, by mid-morning, many are sporting coffee stains. By that afternoon meeting, you can guess who had what for lunch. And maybe someone in the room is wearing a completely different tie because the one he put on that morning was somehow ripped or got wet.
While these scenarios might only happen to those who are on the clumsy side, clumsiness can easily be a side effect of minor wedding jitters. Bow ties are generally easier to tie than long ties; the method is similar to tying shoelaces. And since it sits under the umbrella of the chin, it is also safe from spills or other mishaps.
A Bow Tie is Timeless, Yet Whimsical
While some may equate the bow tie with being old fashioned, it is more accurate to say it is classic, even timeless. These ties can express a sense of whimsy, a willingness to be your own man and stand apart from the crowd. If you’re wearing a black tuxedo, there’s no look more classic than the black bow tie — the “James Bond” look.
Bows can be expressive too, and as they become increasingly popular more ties with colors and patterns are emerging that can bring a sense of elegance and uniqueness to any occasion.

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