7 Best Fashion & Apparel Design Colleges in Bangalore

Fashion design is the art of applying aesthetics to clothing and accessories. Fashion design, nowadays, has become the most popular career choice owing to fashion trends that change and appear from time to time. Fashion designers are now setting new fashion trends for modern everyday life at affordable prices.

Bangalore, a densely populated cosmopolitan city, is considered one of the trendiest cities in India. This is because fashion in this city is affordable and easily accessible.

With so many fashion designing college in Bangalore offering lucrative opportunities, fashion design has become the preferred choice for all the students looking for a flourishing career.

  1. NIFT Bangalore (National Institute of Fashion Technology)

NIFT was founded in 1986 and is the country’s leading laboratory for fashion education and a leading supplier of professional talent to the textile and clothing industry. It is one of the most famous universities in Bangalore, offering a bsc in fashion designing and master courses in fashion designing and apparel designing.

This institute is a pioneer in fashion. Extensive training with practical training sessions, advanced equipment, and infrastructure provides students with an ideal atmosphere to enable their creativity.

A List of Fashion & Apparel Design Institutes in Bangalore

  1. TJohn Banglore

TJohn design school is an independent Fashion & Apparel Design institute located in Bangalore, India. The institute is known for its extensive practical fashion training through seminars, workshops, field visits, research projects, and competitions. TJohn offers excellent fashion education in India, and the Bangalore branch is among the most popular in India. The university has an extensive library and research center to assist students and faculty.

  1. VIFT (Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology)

Vogue Institute of Art and Design Bangalore (formerly Vogue Fashion Technology Institute, VIFT) was established in 1996 and is known as one of the best fashion design colleges in the country. The Vogue Institute of Fashion offers world-class training for aspiring fashionistas. The department has the right balance between theory and practice. All students’ creativity is ignited and nurtured in the right spirit by providing and teaching fashion and business skills.

  1. Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology

The Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology is a non-residential institution established in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust to provide art and design education in a creative environment. This institute aims to provide creative opportunities. It aims to develop a student’s multidimensional perspective on design. The institute promotes a groundbreaking approach, innovation, and operational expertise.

  1. JD Institute of Fashion Technology

With more than 36 training centers, the JD Institute of Fashion Technology in India in the field of art and design. Fashion, interior design, jewelry, fashion marketing, communication, visual merchandising, photography, hair, and make-up are extremely necessary practical and classroom experiences for young applicants under the supervision of prominent industry professionals.

  1. International Institute of Fashion Design

The program offered by the institute aims to educate future people in fashion design and marketing. With extensive infrastructure equipment and training modules, it provides in-depth training for students in theory and practice.

  1. Indian Fashion Institute of Technology

The department focuses on combining professional training with practical skills to create dynamic design processes. It is known for fostering creativity and giving students exposure to international fashion.


In short, the fashion arena is a very attractive and lucrative career opportunity that allows for a fast-growing career. For taking a fashion design course at a prestigious institution, visit the website and get ensured to get the skills required to understand the nuances of the fashion industry better than others.

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