10 Tips to Excel in Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most interesting science subjects. The subject deals with the study of matter, their compositions, properties and reactions. The subject is extremely practical and one can easily relate the concepts to the surrounding substances.

The subject includes several definitions, chemical symbols, chemical reactions and numerous constants. Students need to properly learn related concepts to be able to excel in this subject. Some important tips to excel in chemistry are mentioned below.
Be thorough with the basics. It is important since the basic concepts are used extensively in several higher concepts.
● Be attentive in class and take notes. By doing this, understanding becomes easy and notes will help to revisit the concepts later.
Note down important points and formulae. After noting, keep it in an easily visible location to learn in a better way and remember the points easily.
Keep revising periodically. As chemistry includes several terms, formulae and reactions, it is important to revise periodically to be able to retain the concepts for longer.
Use mnemonics. Several topics in chemistry can be remembered easily if certain mnemonics are used. There are various mnemonics for remembering periodic table, the charge of cations and anions, reactivity series, etc. Use them while studying chemistry.
Practice rigorously. Many topics in chemistry include numericals. The topics of physical chemistry are full of numerical questions. Hence, it is important to practice properly. Practicing can also help to remember better, like practicing to write periodic table periodically can help to memorize the entire table easily.
Solve several sample papers and practice questions. This helps to get acquainted with the different question variations and helps to develop confidence required to tackle any question in the exams.
Take productive study breaks. Taking study breaks is extremely important while studying. Taking proper periodic breaks have proved to benefit the learning process.
Never pile up doubts. It is always suggested to clear doubts instantly and avoid piling them for later. This way, one gets to be through with the fundamentals and understanding higher topics become easy.
Relate the concepts. Chemistry includes topics that can be related to the physical world. Topics like electrochemistry, distillation, polymers are common terms in everyday life. So, by relating, engagement with the subject increases and students tend to develop a deeper interest in the subject.
These were a few tips that can help to learn chemistry more effectively and excel in this subject. Students are also required to stay motivated and study chemistry regularly. Chemistry can be a lot more interesting if one develops a deeper interest in its topics.
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