10 Qualities of a Good College Teacher

Being a college teacher is a call. When a person has always felt that sharing his knowledge with students in something he cannot resist and the only thing that brings him enormous pleasure is helping other with gaining knowledge, he never hesitates to devote his life to teaching. However, only a desire is not enough to become a good college teacher. It is essential to have certain skills and qualities that will help to gain students’ trust and to become an inevitable part of their lives.
– Ability to engage
A good teacher always knows how to interact with the audience and how to make students listen to them. Moreover, a good teacher knows how to inspire students to participate in discussions and in-class activity even if they are not interested in studying at all.
– Setting proper objects
This is one of the basic qualities of a successful teacher who both is loved by the students and by the administration. When you set objects that everyone understands and when you clearly explain to your students what you expect from them, they will definitely be grateful. And of course, college administration also wants to know your main goals and how you are planning to achieve them.
– Talent in explaining complicated things
If studying was easy, anyone could do that on their own at home. However, each subject has too many complicated things that are to be explained. As a teacher, you need to know how to explain those things. Besides, you need to know such details as what to write in a personal statement, how to apply to the university and other details that are important for students but they do not know where to find answers to these questions.
– Advanced communication skill
Communication is the foundation of the student-teacher relations. Besides, this is a responsibility of the teacher to maintain a good level of interaction.
– Time management
A good teacher always knows how to organize the activity in such a way to be able to explain everything, check the home assignment, and work with each of the students. In-class activity should be clearly organized otherwise nothing will work.
– People management
Along with time management skills, a teacher also needs to know how to manage people. Most of the students do not know what to do and how to behave to handle all tasks they have. Thus, a teacher should take this responsibility and explain to each of the students their field of responsibility.
– Understanding of curriculum
Curriculum is what the students must learn in a settled period of time. Only in this way, the academic goals will be reached. A teacher should always make sure that he sticks to the curriculum by implementing goals setting and time managements skills.
– Profound knowledge of subject
It goes without saying that a good teacher is not only the one who finds a mutual language with all students, who always reaches settled goals and can engage any student. He must be a pro in his subject and have at least profound theoretical knowledge but of course, it will be better if he also had some practical expertise as well.
– Passion for teaching
No one will be a great teacher if he does not like teaching. Thus, one of the most important qualities is passion. A passionate teacher can overcome any obstacles and find approach to any student.
– Compassion
A good teacher must be compassionate. Different situations happen and it’s important to understand the problems of students. Besides, he needs to be a good advisor and in case a student asks for a help, a teacher should never turn back.
The career of a teacher has a huge number of peculiarities that can hardly be found in any other field. Although the qualities of a good teacher are common to good experts in different industries, their implementation is a little bit different. The matter is that a teacher works with young people who still do not know what they want. And a teacher is the one who is able to determine the strong sides of the students and to give them proper directions in their professional and even personal development.
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