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We’re accepting guest posts on a wide array of topics including education, shopping, travel, health, SEO, lifestyle and business. Whether you’re looking to gain more experience writing on various subjects or just need an outlet for your ideas or stories, we welcome everything from celebrity interviews to an in-depth analysis on the latest smartphone developments in addition to career advice and interviews about entrepreneurship. If it interests you (and it should!) then shoot us an email at vinodsainidelhi at gmail.com.

  • Deliver only original, well-researched articles that are relevant to our audience.
  • Tone of all written items is professional and should be in English only.
  • No insulting, cursing or bad words allowed in your blog posts.
  • Be sure to use a heading tag to start each paragraph, so that it’s more organized than a jumbled mess of text with no purpose.
  • We do not use author’s information or even name on our website.

Following are the guidelines to submit and approve your guest posts on blog. magazinesworld.org: Blog must be of a different niche. It could be about lifestyle, education,  food, shopping Fashion, Health, Travel related write-ups.

  • Original, creative and informative content with a length of 800 words or more.
  • The article should have subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists. No plagiarism.
  • A Short Description approx 160 characters.
  • Maximum 1 anchor links will be allowed for each article.
  • Unique CS Passed High-Value Content. No Spun Content.
  • Content should be in English and Hindi only
  • No Porn and Adult content.
  • Each submitted article must contain minimum one Relevant Image, size 600 x 400 px. Image should be royalty free.
  • Magazines World have all the rights to review & edit the article.
  • Promotional websites will not be encouraged on Magazines World.
  • Guest posting an article here will have to provide short description not exceeding a limit of 160 characters.
  • Content submitted for review must adhere to the specified categories. If they find the content to be in violation, the submission is rejected without further notice.
  • Don’t submit content that was previously published on another site including your own blog , or copied from another site. We do not publish DUPLICATE content..

Its only paid ( no free or exchnage ) Guest post Editorial fee is 30$ for General and $50 for Casino, Gambling, Crypto, CBD. Please send us a message on: vinodsainidelhi   at  gmail.com

We’re Here to Help You  Writing for our website is an excellent opportunity to get noticed, improve your web presence and increase your website’s page traffic, Page Authority and Domain authority. The articles we publish on our website can help you get exposure from our readers on a regular basis and also our social media promotions.

Other Information: Due to the overwhelming volume of requests we receive, we’re able to no longer respond individually to every contributor with responses to questions like when your article will be published and whether it’s been approved.

After your post goes up, share them your post with your contacts through email, on your blog or Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. The more people that view your article the better it is for you and the more beneficial it will be to magazines world. If your post is performing extremely well and you are an ongoing contributor (one per week) you could get a spot as the highly sought-after “Wellness Expert” on our home page. .

We are always looking for new contributors. We cover an enormous amount of territory, Magazines World is made up of only the handful of individuals. So, it is possible that we aren’t able to reply to every submission. We are able to assure you, that we do go through every submission we receive. If your submission is accepted, we usually respond within three to four days. You are welcome to submit a second time with a different submission after waiting for 4 days. .

Thanks for your interest in guest posting with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon

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