Wine Hacks: What To Do With Excess Wine

Wine Hacks: What To Do With Excess Wine
For some, leftover wine is bothersome. It may not happen all the time, but, now and then, we find ourselves with some leftover wine, leaving us in awe. And several questions will pop into your mind. For instance, should you throw it away, drink it the next days, or whatnot.
Leftover wines should not be a bother to you folks. A bit of extra wine for the next several days can be a treat. However, let us not take the fact that it can be too much sometimes. Instead of throwing these excess wines, why not use to good use?
If you are having trouble on how to deal with your leftover wine, worry not. Below are some helpful suggestions for what to do with leftover wine. Read on!
Ice Cubes
A great and perfect way to store and reserve your wine for future use is by making wine ice cubes. All you have to do is to pour wine into each ice cube and chill them until frozen. Once they are frozen, you can place them in a Ziploc bag and keep in your chiller until cooking directions call for wine. You can toss them into a soup, use for a base of a sauce, add to sangria, and many more. The possibilities are boundless.
Stews and Soups
If you wish to upgrade the flavor of your stew or soup, think about using a bit of extra wine. You can try one of these dishes: Coq Au Vin, West Village Beef Stew, and Mushroom Soup with Red wine and Brie.
Did you know that you, yourself, can make your homemade vinegar in no time? Vinegar is not only good for the cupboard, and it makes an excellent gift for your friend as well. To do this, you need a liquid vinegar starter, some water, 2 cups of wine (red or white), and a glass container.
Sangria, Mulled Wine, and Wine Cocktails
Are you still in the drinking status? However, you would like to hype things up. If so, then you can use the extra wine and turn it into a wine cocktail, mulled wine, and sangria.
Wine Syrups
To make wine syrups, you will need at least three cups of wine for each cup of sugar. Wine syrups are perfect as a marinade, salad dressings, used on ice cream, fresh fruit, and everything that you wish to put some wine syrup.
Steamed Mussels
If by chance, you have at least two cups of white wine, preferably dry, and would like to eat some mussels, then you have got the perfect combination. With the leftover wine, you can create a flavorful broth to cook your mussels.
If you have some leftover wine in your home, especially some high-quality wine such as Sassicaia, worry not. You can still use these extra wines for cooking purposes. You don’t need to throw them away or pour them down the drain. Instead, you can use them to good use. You can try the ideas above to make good use of your leftover wine.
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