Wildlife Of Clear Creek

There are a lot of different nature reserves in and around Clear Creek, Colorado, and there are thousands of different types of wildlife throughout the area. Some are mammals. Some are reptiles, and some aren’t classified as either. Below, I am going to talk about just a few of the different wildlife that dwell inside of these areas.
A lot of people are afraid of alligators, but the truth is, most alligators are not a threat to humans or their personal pets and live stock. There are alligators that can pose a problem, but there are programs set in place in order to remove these alligators from the surrounding areas without any harm coming to them.
In the area, there have been 10 different types of bats identified. Some are not known to live in the area for long, but some of these bats are the Mexican free-tailed bat, hoary bat, Rafinesque’s big eared bat, the eastern red bat, and the big brown bat. These nocturnal creatures are rarely a real threat to anyone.
Mountain Lions
In the past, mountain lions tended to stay deep in the canyon, and they were rarely encountered by humans. However with the decent of elk and deer in the Clear Creek area, mountain lions have started moving out of the canyon and closer to human population. In recent years, the accounts of mountain lions coming in contact with humans has risen.
American Black Bear
Clear Creek, Colorado is one of the many natural habitats for the American Black Bear. These animals can be aggressive if provoked, but this is generally only during mating season or when they are protecting their young cubs. These large mammals are actually the largest carnivores currently found in the area, and they are greatly protected in the area.
There are three types of wildlife that are natural inhabitants of the Clear Creek area, and they are the coyote, the red fox, and the gray fox.
These animals are generally shy, and in the Clear Creek area, there are four different types of shrews: The least shrew, the southern short-tailed shrew, the Elliot’s short-tailed shrew, and the southeastern shrew.
Brooke Trout
These type of trout are one of the major sports fish that can be found in the Clear Creek, Colorado area. They tend to flourish in the canyon region of the area.
A lot of the natural bison herds have dwendled over the years, but there have been a few sightings of bison herds inside the Clear Creek Canyon area. These are not the larger herds, but they are still counted among the wildlife that can be found in this particular area.
Bighorn Sheep
These animals were not a natural species of this region. However, they were transplanted into the area in order to attempt to protect the species.
Elk and Deer
Due to the majority of the area being rocky from the canyon, these two types of animals are not found deep in the area of Clear Creek, Colorado. The area merely lacks the amount of food needed to sustain a large population. If you are a deer lover and crave to feed them on your own then you must reach Feedthatgame.com for a one-stop solution.
This article was written by Ryan Hooper for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting, a rafting guide with over 15 years experience, in 2009. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.
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