Why With A Temporary Staffing Agency?

Hiring an employee or finding a job can be a difficult process as it is quite a lengthy and expensive process.

The solution is to find a temporary Agent designed to speed up the hiring process for a more positive and impactful experience on both sides.

A good temporary agent will look for the best candidates for vacancies, perform background checks, schedule and conduct interviews, and deal with payroll and administrative paperwork for all temporary employees.

With the thousands of temporary agents out there quite a lot to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best one that fits your company’s unique needs.

One example is in the case of health care staff, a temporary employment agency is a viable option. If you are considering using this temporary staffing agency to secure your next position, here are a few steps to help you get started.

Steps To Start A Temporary Staffing Agency

With so many options out there for using the services of a temporary staffing agencies, it’s best to choose a good review.

Another way to find out which agency is the best is to ask around. Maybe your friends, family or contacts have used this kind of business to find work in their field. It wouldn’t hurt to ask if they’ve found a position through this option or if they can recommend a position they’ve worked on or not.

Looking For References Through The Company Website

After finding a good staffing agency to work with, it’s time to find a job. The hallmark of a good staff company is that they have a lot of variety in their work.

For example in the medical field, you should be able to choose from positions for: doctor , different types of surgeons, pediatricians, medical assistants, doctor’s office administrative staff and many more. It is possible to search by your specialty or by your region.

Prepare The Necessary Administration

Once you’ve found a job you might be interested in according to your specialist, it’s time to prepare your resume and apply. Ensure that all of your employment history is updated and that your contact information is correct. Make sure that any relevant positions you may have have been added.

Benefits Of A Temporary Employment Agency

A customized and strategic approach to temporary staffing has many benefits for employers and can help reduce overhead and manage payroll costs. The overall performance of temporary staffing practices can be greatly improved with the flexibility of scheduling staff only when needed, reducing risk and saving time.

Reduce Costs

It’s clear why companies have become so fond of temporary staffing solutions. Temporary staffing can be used to increase service levels, when needed, at a lower cost to retain full-time employees. Since the temporary employee works for a staffing agency, the company is not responsible for any benefits or other costs. Rates for temporary staff may include legally required fees such as PAYE and UIF, and additional costs such as medical treatment, bonuses, and annual leave. In general the benefits package on average is equivalent to about 30-40 percent of an employee’s income. Therefore using temporary staff saves about 30-40 percent on payroll. In addition, companies save money on training because temporary staff agents will ensure candidates have adequate skills and training for the job.

Increase Flexibility

The flexibility provided by temporary staff has the dual benefit of helping to avoid overstaffing or understaffing depending on the amount of work at the time. Staff levels can be managed to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity levels throughout the year. In addition, temporary staff can be used to handle routine business functions while full-time employees can concentrate on core business outputs.

Saving Time

Time spent on recruitment and placement of temporary staff is a function performed by the staffing agency. The staffing agency performs all advertising, screening, interviewing, and reference checks necessary to attract and vet prospective employees. Companies save time and money by not having to sift through piles of ineligible candidates. Time spent on training will be minimal as the staffing agency has pre-screened for the required skills. Temporary staff are ready to work and immediately productive.

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