What is the Procedure for Obtain Apostille Certificate in India?

The literal meaning of Apostille is to get certified or authenticated. An Apostille is a government issued stamp applied to original documents. Here is the complete guide which will help you to know about obtaining process to get an Apostille stamp from India. In any case, if you want to visit any countries, for example, Saudi then Saudi embassy attestation is necessary, and for that, you need to make your Apostille very soon which helps you in boarding for traveling Saudi country.

A brief history of Apostille:
In 1961 many countries has come together to create a simplified method which will assist in legalizing documents for universal recognition. Member of the conference commonly referred as a Hague Convention. Under this many countries has joined hand to form a global body.

Following are the step by step procedure on how to obtain Apostille certificate:
1. All original documents requiring attestation should be authenticated by designated authority in the state platform where from the document is issued.

2. To support this following are the documents which date need to get attest with the following documents.

• A photocopy of the document to be attested

• A photocopy if the passport that is going to visits or for whom the attestation is being done.

• Only original documents are officially recognized and not on photocopies

3. Fee for Apostille is Rs. 50/- and payable only means of the postal order drawn for PAO (PAY & ACCOUNTS OFFICER), Ministry Of External Affairs.

Likewise, it is also important to make your all certificate attested before visiting any countries and it is mandatory to do that. Apostille is necessary for Visiting Company like UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait etc. in these countries in order to travel for example Kuwait you must attest your documents by a process following assigned by authority from your respective region. You can attest educational, non-educational documents depending upon your various needs. Basically the reason defines the type f documents you need to attest.

Educational documents:
For educational related attestation your documents first need to be attested by human resource department to the respective state. The document should attested by ministry of external affairs, New Delhi. The last and final attestation process is done by the Kuwait embassy attestation, New Delhi.

For non-educational attestation:
This also starts from the home department of the respective state of residence. Then followed by ministry of external affairs and then lastly attestation is made by the embassy of respective country where you are going to visit.

If you are looking for Attesting your documents for visiting the place other than your country then you must do VISA attestation by verifying your documents from respective authority in a sequence wise. So make your documents ready and go with some agencies which deliver these kinds of services in a quick span. Hire those agencies by proper analyzing their credibility and loyalty for making your documents well attested for various needs.

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