Travelling with Your E-Cigarettes


2018 is fast approaching and we are quite sure that many vapers would take their device with them to enjoy the holidays. If you have booked your flights already, then there are certain things you would want to know to make your journey with your vape kit as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are going to take a full vacation or planning to remote work in a foreign city this holiday city, here are some of the important guidelines which you should know when traveling with your e-cigarette.

• Pack smart. Depending on where you are heading to, you may find it challenging to find an e-cigarette retailer nearby who can help you resupply if you need something for your vape device. Take all essentials with you and pack them accordingly so they are not jostled around on the journey. These essentials include your charger for your vaping device, extra batteries, and extra cartomizers.

• Use a transparent plastic bag to store your vape kit. It’s best to store your vape kit separately in a plastic bag to make the inspection process at the airport as simple as possible. As a safety precaution, you should put your e-cigarette itself, the battery, and the charger in one bad, the e-juice tank in another, and any e-liquids you are taking in a third bag.

• Know the e-juice limit. Keep in mind that, as there are liquid restrictions for hand luggage on planes, your e-liquids will need to go in the bag with any other liquid that you’re taking on board, and be less than 100ml in volume.

• Empty your tank. Unless it can fit into the clear plastic bag that you’ve put liquids in, you should drain your tank before getting on the plane if you plan to keep it attached to your e-cigarette body. Otherwise, if it is just stored in your carry-on luggage or even in your pocket, the leak might be a messy inconvenience both for you and the airline staff.

• Keep your e-cigarette and e-juice on top of your carry-on luggage. This is to make the security personnel’s job as easy as possible. If your battery is inside your carry-on luggage, then it is the thing that’s most likely to get you flagged. Make sure you declare the electronics inside your carry-on luggage or consider mentioning it to the staff beforehand that it is in there to make it easier for the x-ray machine operator to flag it up.

• Keep updated with policy changes. Vaping is just a new industry, which means that there may be still some airlines company who do not have strict guidelines regarding the carrying of e-cigarette inside their planes. However, this doesn’t mean if you have taken your vape kit successfully before, you should take the regulations and rules for granted. Check the TSA and your specific airline’s website to make sure that the regulations and policies regarding e-cigarettes have remained the same as the last time you have traveled.

To learn more about the travel tips with e-cigarettes, check the infographic below from Vape Icon.
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