Travel to Ghana for Volunteering and Gap Year

Ghana is an ethically diverse country, most evident in its cuisine and clothing. A emerging economy, it is one of the most stable countries in Western Africa for volunteering in Ghana – both economically and politically. Ghanian soldiers have often been lauded for their work and exertion in the UN Peacekeeper force. A friendly and recently independent nation, Ghana attracts a number of tourists. Kofi Annan, former UN Chief belonged to Ghana.
volunteering in ghana

Why Volunteering in Ghana

Despite the rosy picture, there are certain pockets of Ghana which see more poverty and less development than the rest of the country. In certain areas, the percentage of poverty is reaches twice or thrice the national average. A major area of concern is the chronic food insecurity prevalent since the northern areas are highly drought prone. Youth unemployment and social inequality further threaten the fabric of social harmony. Furthermore, the position of women in these areas is no better than other less developed African nations. Women are often the main contributor to the household income, also look after the upkeep of the house and children.
The community development project conducted in Ghana is aimed at a wholesome, well-rounded growth of all sections of society. With the assistance of volunteers, Volunteering organizations tries to direct the flow of synergy in more productive fields. In local village communities located 15 – 20 kms outside the city of Tamale, volunteers participate in building different aspects of a Ghanaian culture and family life.

Volunteering Opportunities in Ghana

A general day includes a number of activities, teaching maths and English, construction work at the school building site, painting and renovation work. Promoting women education and Informing and educating villagers in 15 villages about the importance of water preservation and how to effectively use it in agriculture. Since water borne diseases have a high level of prevalence in these areas, educating them about different diseases, their symptoms. Volunteers tutor them in treating the water properly to make it consumable in daily life. A special urgency is laid on child health program. Volunteers train villagers about prevention of disease, symptoms and treatment.
Volunteers often utilize their weekend breaks to discover the nearby areas of Mole national Park, Kintampo waterfalls, and the ancient Slave Camps. Before leaving Ghana, make sure you visit Cape Coast to relax on the beautiful beaches and stop by the famous Cape Coast castle.

Volunteering Programs in Ghana

Currently, Volunteering organizations have many other programs running in Ghana. Ghana Summer Program, Volunteer Football coaching camp, Healthcare camp, Orphanage work, Teaching English, and Volunteer in Girl’s education program. People interested in volunteering in Ghana can pick their program according to their time and interest. Volunteering organizations provides lodging arrangements with local host families, so you can get a taste of the African life first hand.
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