Traditional HR Technology rolls out with the Emergence of the Mobile Apps

With the growth of the mobile technology and the innovative technology, many companies are including the mobile phone apps to perform some task and improve the work structure of the company. And as a part of the development, the big companies have moved their Human Resource system into the cloud platform that are run by the giant tech suppliers, like Oracle, IBM and Workday and the small suppliers are offering the payroll and employee hours tracking service through the cloud HR system for the medium sized companies.

Now, the Human Resource Software is becoming mobile and is common among the companies, and the analyst group said that it has reached the market point where anyone who purchases the software becomes a part of the cloud. Since the innovative companies are led by the tech other than the Human Resource specialists, thus the Human resource tech is reinventing their industry and is trying to design mobile apps that look like the productive tools rather than the traditional business structure.

The companies that have started practicing the HR system are planning to take it to the next level by building new tools for the employee engagement, project management and learning and so the companies are purchasing the add on tools that are mobile apps to use in their companies.

Moving towards the mobile technology
The companies are replacing the traditional HR training courses and are moving towards the mobile technology.

There are certain drawbacks in the traditional training process, because it cannot evolve quickly to the changes in the business, it is out of date and is slow to adapt. But with the mobile learning tools, the employees can easily learn through the videos and share their expertise.

The companies have understood that the employees are not productive enough when they are assigned to do more work and when overloaded. So, the companies planned to use the mobile apps that are interesting and help the employees to balance between the work life and personal life. The apps recommend the employees on how to spend less time and reduce the work stress. With the mobile apps, the performance management provides instant feedback that helps both the managers and employees to understand the company status. The companies are introducing the mobile apps that enable them to take the pulse survey of the employees. The businesses in the industry are also showing interest in the use of mobile tools to measure the cultural behavior of the business.

Companies implementing the mobile technology
The enterprise apps are increasing radical benefits to the Human resource department because of the adaptation of the apps to help them performing certain tasks. This HR software is becoming more successful because the features in the apps are similar to that of playing games, like training, recruiting and including a gaming element.

The fun element in the app helps in motivating the employees and encourages them to participate and learn more things. And this attracts many other companies to implement the mobile apps for the Human resource.

Focus on the employee types
In order for the technologies to gain traction and adoption, it is a must to learn about the types of employees and then find out the value of using the technology. People adopt different technology for different reason at different speed, and understanding these differences will help the HR team to implement the right programs.

The employees are characterized into three different types, the dawdlers, innovators and early adopters and value seekers. Dawdlers: It is tough to manage these types of employees and to make them use the mobile apps. And it is possible only if the HR info is not accessed in the way they are managed. It is necessary to identify the dawdlers and reach out to them directly.

Innovators and early adopters: These people are self motivated to adopt new technologies and the employers need not make much strain in convincing them to use the new technology. The company must depend on these early adopters or innovators to spread about the new technology to the colleagues.

Value seekers: The value seekers are the group of employees who need to be convinced because they are comfortable with the way they are performing their business. To convert this group of people to use the new technology, it is important to show them the practical values of the HR software. Because they have to see the benefits and the uses of the technology, and realize that it will make the job easier.

One of the main differences between the value seekers and the innovators is that the latter does not use the technology until they consider it as a standard app and also they need to verify the anecdotal and empirical evidence. This shows that these type of employees need to verify the proven record of the mobile app being a standard technology.

However, the HR team must be patient because it will take time for the employees to use the app on a regular basis. But, if they are able to understand the types of users and communicate to them in the manner in which they will understand will make the HR mobile app a common business model.

Companies with winning HR mobile app
The HR apps are trying hard to engage the users in the business by giving them the recognition and rewards, so the active users who complete their task are given this kind of encouragement. There are some businesses in the society that are gaining success in their business by using the mobile app in their business model.

This is the leading giant in the transportation industry that enables the users to book their ride through the mobile app and it has its ride sharing business in more than five hundred cities in sixty countries across the globe. And to encourage more drivers to join the business, the company developed an app that assists the employees to increase their confidence level and test their ability.

UberDRIVE: The users can sign in the app and register themselves if they wish to become drivers. And it also helps them with the maps and other facilities to make their job easier and enjoyable. With the success of this app, the company has launched several new projects.

This is an international hotel company specialized in the hospitality management. The company has more than forty thousand properties in eighty counties and they ensure the company is able to target on the young workforce to join in the hospitality career.

My Marriot Hotel: The Company created a gaming app on the social network media and the users using the gaming app were asked to become kitchen managers to manage the virtual kitchen. To encourage the users to enhance their experience, the company also offers rewards and bonus points to the users and it also helped the users to become more acquainted to the hotel industry. The success of this gaming app encouraged the company to develop another new app called the Xplor that attracts the young people to the brand.

The Tech Partnership
This is an organization that aims to ensure the employees with the required digital skills to compete with the global economy. However, the organization required an app for that will help their customers to improve their digital skills.

Training app: A training app was developed by the organization to help the users assess their skills through the quizzes and videos. The app had gaming features like badges and points and the app tracks the performance of the user provides a chart. The HR mobile apps are great apps that are used to train and attract the employees in the business and some of these apps allow the users to assess and test their skills. It allows them to understand and be aware of their skills and it encourages and develops the confidence of the employees. And the training apps allow the users to improve their skills by providing learning material that helps them to develop their business knowledge and tracts them to learn new things. There are great chances of improvement and changes in the business field after the use the HR mobile apps and promising future for the employees.

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