Top Reasons to Study Electronics & Telecommunication In 2020

A life without electronic gadgets is difficult to imagine in today’s world. There is no field in the world that does not need people from electronics and communication engineering. Perhaps this is the reason behind the extensive demand of this stream of engineering. However a student who is planning to choose a stream for their future needs to consider all the factors and advantages of choosing electronics and communication. Read more to have a glance at some of the top reasons why electronics and telecommunications is one of the most sought after stream for the year 2020.

Career prospects
There are innumerable job prospects when it comes to the field of electronics. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, more and more sectors are coming up which require the work of an electronics engineer. Electronics and communication engineering is a promising sector that requires specific skills. With more and more companies coming up every year, the demand for experts in telecommunications is increasing. New firms are springing up in order to meet the growing electrical needs of the public. As a result, the electronics engineer is in great demand these days.

A student specializing in electronics design and development has a lot of prospects in front of them. The engineer can opt for their job start-up or join a reputed firm dealing with the development of modern technologies.

Some of the most attractive job prospects available to an engineer specialized in electronics and telecommunication are-

Electronics engineer
• Communication engineer
• System engineer
• Electronics design and development engineer
• Network engineer and much more

When the public sector is considered, it is mostly seen that the electronics engineer are the highest recruited people than any other group.

Opportunities for higher studies
Once the students have completed their undergraduate degree in electronics and telecommunication, most of them want to continue their studies and opt for a post-graduate degree. Electronics and telecommunication is one such stream that offers innumerable opportunities for specialization during the post-graduation program. A huge number of best colleges in Pune for electronics and telecommunication have emerged which makes it incredibly easy for the students to get admission in post-graduation. Most of the streams have a very limited number of seats in the colleges, making it very difficult for most of the students to pursue post-graduation. However a graduate degree in electronics and telecommunication open various door for the students making it one of the most sought after streams in today’s time.

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