Top 9 Reasons to Pursue Master’s in Data Science in the USA

Time, circumstances, and technological advances lead to the birth of new and progressive career options. These careers emerge because there is demand for that specific specialized service. So students and parents should never forget that traditional career options that we are all aware of always remain, but keeping an eye on the emerging new career courses and paths is the way forward. One of the upcoming and lucrative career options that are emerging is a Masters in Data Science. I am sure you have heard and read about this field, so do read this article till the end to understand precisely what Data Science has to offer and why pursue Master’s in the USA!

Top 9 Reasons to Pursue Master’s in Data Science in the USA

Skills and interests are key deciding factors to pick the right career choice. Suppose you enjoy computers, math, and statistics. In that case, there is a lucrative career option in demand all across the globe called Data Science. Wondering what it is all about?

Well, as a Data Scientist, your role would combine computer science, statistics, and mathematics. You would be involved in analyzing, processing, and modeling data to interpret the results to create actionable plans for organizations.

When you become a data scientist, you become a Super Hero for the company! Why? Simply because you to the critical role of collecting, cleansing, and organizing the data with your intense skills.

It is interesting to know that there are different branches in Data Science like business intelligence, software engineering, and machine learning. Each of them serves to be a great career option. So if these skills are something that challenges you and excites you, then you need to know the Top 9 reasons you should consider a career in Data Science. After all, what makes it one of the topmost career options of the 21st-century job market? Here we go!

Top Reason #1: High in Demand

Data scientists are highly in demand, and the need for the job market is just going to grow over the years. Analysis that there would be a demand of approximately 11.5 million jobs in this field by 2026! The need for a Data analyst is the highest in the U.S., followed by India and other parts of the world. Thus, data science is a highly employable and lucrative career option for you, as per industry research and trend.

Top Reason #2: Work from Home!

Travel to the office takes away a lot of our productive time and tires us out, especially in the world’s busy cities. Well, a Data scientist can enjoy the privilege of working from home too. Data scientists keep connected to the office from their home for effective working through various tools and platforms like video conferencing, project management, and versioning tools.

So you can have that perfect work-life balance if you are that kind of person who looks forward and enjoys working from the comfort of their home.

Top Reason #3: Unbeaten Salaries

A Data scientist, due to its high demand and specialized skills, enjoys an excellent salary globally. The pay scale differs from country to country and city to city, depending on the job functionality. But data scientists usually get great annual bonuses and sometimes even get shares of the company. It is because your role as a Data scientist is highly impactful for the company.

However, one piece of advice that you should consider is that if you love math, statistics, and computer science, then enter this lucrative career option. Do not just opt for it because of the money. You need to enjoy to sustain what you are doing.

Top Reason #4: Impactful

You are not doing mundane work as a data scientist. Your role and the world that you do as a data scientist is highly impactful to the company. Your services are valued and specialized. Well, you would enjoy this privilege by offering your services as a data scientist because you will have the power to automate the existing. You can automate previously manual processes that save the company thousands or even millions of dollars and time. These projects under a data scientist are significant to the company and impactful too.

A Data scientists are the trusted adviser and strategic partner to the company whose services and expertise are of great value.

Top Reason #5: You have the ‘X’ factor

The expertise and knowledge that a Data Scientist brings to the table are exceptional to the company. It allows you to progress and advance in your career. As you grow, you learn considerable analytical skills covering various domains such as machine learning, big data, etc. This varied knowledge contributes to your ‘X’ factor.

Top Reason #6: Eligibility

Well, you will be extremely happy to know that to become a Data Scientist, you do not need to have a specific academic background or subjects! It is because it is a recently emerged career, so it gives you that flexibility. If you like problem-solving and analyzing, then go for the data science course.

This field has students from varying backgrounds like mathematics, computer science, social science, economics, business, engineering, natural science, etc. They have worked on their problem-solving skills and learned successfully mastered themselves in the field of data science. You need to have the will; then, indeed, there is a way!

Top Reason # 7: Multiple roles

In the field of Data Science, you have a choice to choose your particular role that defines your job responsibilities. You can choose from various roles like:

·    Data Scientist

·    Data Architect

·    B.I. Engineer

·    Business Analyst

·    Data Engineer

·    Database Administrator

·    Data and Analytics Manager

There are many options to make your path towards your dream job within the broad field of data science.

Top Reason # 8: Big and small companies

The need for a data scientist is not more limited to giant tech companies. Companies of different sizes, established or start-ups have identified the need and importance of having a data scientist on board. Mid and entry-level start-ups would go for data scientists who have just entered the field, which allows you to gain experience and then level up.

Top Reason #9: Shortage of supply

What the globe is currently facing in this field is an acute shortage of skilled people in the field of data science. They have the resources, but there are not enough data scientists to fill the demand. It is a strong reason for you to opt for this growing career option as you will not face any shortage of employment with good returns.

When you choose to become Data Scientist, you choose a career that helps a business recognize and understand the market and then, based on it, make better decisions that help perform better. Your data scientist service allows the company you work for getting closer to their customers by providing them effective services.

It is essential to understand that every company belonging to various fields and irrespective of the size, requires employees who can understand and analyze the data, which is the critical role of a data scientist.

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