Top 7 Reasons to Visit Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and is a destination that features on many people’s bucket list. The city of Rome has a long history as it was founded in the year 753 BC and is home to some of the richest culture that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the world. From the Colosseum to the independent Vatican City-state that resides within Rome, the capital of Italy is one of the most impressive cities you can visit.
Rome is a unique and unforgettable place, and a vacation here will be an experience that will stay with you for years to come. If you aren’t quite convinced enough at how amazing Rome is, then here are seven reasons why you should visit Rome.

Seven Reasons to Visit Rome

Art and Culture
Rome, along with the rest of Italy, is one of the culturally richest countries in the world thanks to the influence and power of the former Roman empire that dominates much of the country’s history. Rome is very proud of its heritage, and around every corner in Rome you will see a museum, palace, or art gallery boasting a huge collection of both old and new artworks. Also, many of the old villas that historical noble families used to live in are now open to the public as a form of museum so that you can get an idea of their lives.
One of the best things about visiting Rome is that you can enjoy everything the city has to offer, no matter what your budget; from the luxury boutiques that are available in the Central Station region of the city, to the hostels that are available in the Esquilino area at a cheaper price, there is something for everyone.
While the hustle and bustle that exists in Rome can seem confusing and chaotic, you will eventually become pleasantly surprised at how close everything is so that you can walk to most places of interest. If you are heading to the city of Rome to enjoy all the romance that it has to offer, then you may want to stay in the hilltop location of Aventine Hill which is very popular amongst honeymooners. This is a more exclusive area of Rome so there aren’t that many hotels there, which makes it a great private area of the city to enjoy with your other half.
Endless History
For your first time visit to Rome, you have to explore the endless amount of history that the city has to offer. You should be sure to visit the historic center where you can experience the medieval streets, vibrant bars and restaurants, as well as the buzzing atmosphere.
The three main historical parts of Rome that are essential sightseeing areas are Ancient Rome, the historic center and the Vatican. Centered around the Colosseum, Ancient Rome is home to many ancient ruins. You should be sure to check out these tours of Rome to ensure that you experience everything that the amazing city has to offer.
The Fountains
Rome is home to one of the most well-known fountains in the world, the Trevi Fountain, and it was designed by Italian architect and designer Nicola Salvi in the year 1762. It is one of the oldest water sources to exist in Rome and used to provide the water for the Roman baths. Despite the creation of this masterpiece back in 1762, he wasn’t the original architect, but Pope Clemens XII held a contest for a new design for the foundation back in 1730 and Salvi won.
Top Tip: It is illegal to get the coins that are thrown into the fountain and people have been arrested for this offense in the past. The money is used towards a supermarket program to help provide the poorest of Rome’s people with food.
Rome is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and it is more than fair to say that the Italians know a fair bit about fashion and clothes. Therefore, if you see yourself as a bit of a fashionista yourself, then you will be pleased to know that you will be surrounded by the amazing pieces of fashion provided by the likes of Valentino, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.
The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp is held with pride all over the world, so where better to experience everything that is fashion than in the Via del Corso, which is great for the budget-friendly shopper, or the Via dei Condotti, if you fancy treating yourself to something special during your trip!
The Weather
The weather in Rome is well-known for being mild all year round, which makes it a great destination that you can enjoy in every season. Each season in Rome has its own unique selling point, from enjoying the sunny weather with a glass of wine outside an Italian bar in summer to feeling festive in the winter months with the Christmas atmosphere. However, it can get very warm in Rome in the summer months so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.
Wine and Food
Eating and drinking in Rome is quite affordable and many restaurants provide an unlimited buffet style lunch, but this takes place mostly on the weekdays rather than weekends. You can get these buffet style lunches for as little as €9 in some areas of the city. While in Rome you should be sure to taste as much of the delicious Italian breads, meats, and wine as possible!
If you make a visit to the Vatican, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out options. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the local culture, be sure to pay a visit to Arlu, a family owned restaurant where Italians spend up to three hours indulging in homemade pasta dishes, freshly made desserts and locally produced wines.
There are many reasons why you should visit Rome, but whether you want to spend your trip exploring the historical attractions, or simply enjoying an Italian meal sat outside in the sun, there is something for every type of traveler to enjoy.
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