Tips for buying a watch this holiday season

Are you thinking about purchasing a new watch? There are lots of great models to be had out there, and you are free to pick which is the right one for you. One thing is certain, there are tons of things to consider when you purchase one, so how can you get the right watches? Here you have a quick list with all the stuff that should make your watch purchase a whole lot easier.

Select the right watch type

One thing to keep in mind is that not all the watches (free watches) are the same. Some of them are suitable for adventures at the beach; others are great for business professionals and so on. But in fact, there are 5 main genres that you need to focus on when you want to get a new watch.

• Diving watches are, as the name states, watches suitable only for diving. They are a pleasure to use and most of the time they will bring in front some very interesting, unique features. Another thing to note is that they can work at a depth of around 100m. Basically, they are a very good, all-around watch that you will enjoy using.

• Dress watches are important if you want to be at an event. A good dress watch needs to be very thin and it shouldn’t be noticed that much. They have to be made from a precious metal and the quality as a whole needs to be very good. But they are well worth investing and yes, sometimes they can be quite expensive.

• Aviator watches are great here because they have just about all the information you need. That info can be vital for pilots, but it also helps you get all the info you require while you are working, taking a break and so on. These watches have a black face most of the time, numerals and dials, etc.

• Action watches are all about resistance and durability. They have a tachymeter, extra buttons and features. The focus for them is on delivering a really good, high quality experience that you will enjoy quite a lot. The attention to detail offered by such watches is really special, and that alone makes them one of a kind!

• Minimalist watches are pretty impressive too. They do a very good job at showing you the date and time, but they don’t put that information right in your face. They just deliver the value and quality you want without pushing it too much. It just works really well and the value is great here.

Knowing your budget is very important. Action watches tend to be less expensive when compared to the dress watches. There are always some things to take into consideration here ( Folsom & Co’s collection), but usually the price you select here will be a deciding factor for the entire experience. Automatic movement will end up costing a bit more most of the time, so it’s important to take that into consideration. Do you really need that feature or not? Most watches that offer automatic movement are created by professionals and designers which are very experienced.

The extra hands and dials are called Complications. So, you have to figure out if there are any complications and if you need them. You can opt for the chronograph watches for example, GMT watches or any other watches with extra features. If you need these features, you can go right ahead and opt for them. But if you don’t, you can skip these. Getting them just because it looks cool isn’t the feature you expect to have. 

Does size matter for watches?

Yes, size is important. Measure your wrist and you will see if you have to opt for the 35mm, 38 mm or 42 mm watches. You are free to make the right choice here. But don’t choose those watches that are way too large for your wrist. You want comfort and value offered here, and you will be able to get that without that much of a problem.

What about watch straps?

It’s a good idea to think about the straps materials too. Metal bracelets or leather are very good for men. On the other hand, women can opt for small bracelets or a variety of other materials. In the case of women’s watches, you won’t have to worry too much about the materials though.

Modern or traditional design?
The design of your watch can add up to the price a little bit too. Or it can subtract, depending on what you choose. Modern watches are everywhere nowadays, so depending on what model you choose you won’t have to deal with any major issues here. Traditional designs are created by reputable manufacturers most of the time. As a result, the value that they can deliver is second to none, and that’s what really matters the most in the long run.

Accuracy matters
It’s important to focus on accuracy when you get a watch this holiday season. Chronometers are very accurate, and there are also lots of mechanical watches that you may want to check out too. Accuracy is key, so studying the watches and the accuracy they can deliver online can be a very good idea for sure. You do need to consult someone that knows a lot about watches for this particular feature. But as long as you do that, you will notice that the results can be more than ok!

In the end, it’s not hard to buy a good watch if you have the right approach and you know the ideas that you need to keep in mind. It really is unlike anything that you have ever seen, and in the end that’s definitely going to be quite impressive. It’s a very important experience that you need to focus on and the outcome can be more than great in the end. Just remember, don’t go shopping for a watch without having the right details nailed down. That will make holiday shopping for a watch a whole lot easier!

Author Bio:
Thomas is the Co-Founder of Folsom & Co. He started Folsom & Co. after following his passion of designing and creating new watches for all generations. His mission is to build a leading brand which makes watches a must wear accessory for everyone. Thomas works closely with designs that are inspired by San Francisco. All the watches are made of quality materials to get a nicely finished end-product at an affordable price.
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