Three ways to grow a stronger relationship


Falling in love can be one of the easiest things in the world. Staying in love can be much harder. If you’re struggling with your relationship, here are three ways you can help it grow stronger.

Listen to each other

One of the most important parts of any relationship is communication. You must be there for your partner to listen to all of their worries and offer advice and support to help them through life’s challenges together as a couple. Whilst it might seem like you’re regularly there for them and ready to listen, if you’re playing with your phone or sat watching the TV, you are not giving them your full attention. As well as having time to relax with each other during a busy day, make sure you pencil in time to talk to them without any distractions. Taking a walk or sitting down for a meal together at a table are both great ways of allowing yourself time to have a real conversation.

Listen to each other in the bedroom

As well as a strong friendship, sexual attraction is always an important part of any romantic relationship. It’s probably one of the main reasons you started the relationship in the first place. You might think that spark will always be there, but just like communication, it’s important to work on this as well. If you or your partner are finding they’re not completely satisfied with your relationship’s physical side, that frustration could cause other underlying problems between the two of you.

Whilst what happens in the bedroom between a couple can often be a sensitive subject, you must be completely honest with your partner about anything you’re not happy about. They may be slightly offended once you first mention it, but if you work through the problems together, then both of you will see the benefit. There are lots of different things you can do to try and improve your sex life.

One of the things you could consider is introducing toys into the bedroom to help increase the pleasure you both experience. It might sound a bit risqué, but the use of these toys is becoming increasingly common around the world. For example, the company Happy Collective have sold many of their smile makers Australia for couples to enjoy. The good news about this range of products is they don’t take themselves too seriously and are designed to bring a bit of humour into the experience. Names like the Frenchman, the Tennis Coach, and the Fireman could produce a smile or two even whilst you’re ordering them.

Appreciate everything they do

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you can end up taking a lot of things for granted. You must show your partner appreciation for everything they do to help you in your relationship. Whether that’s picking you up from work or just making you a cup of tea after a very stressful day, make sure to thank them for their efforts. This will make sure they feel appreciated in the relationship.

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