Three great ways to launch a brand

The world of launching a product or starting a business has never been easier. What remains a difficulty however is making that business a success in both the long and the short term. In an ideal world what you want to happen is that you reap what you sow, in terms of work and ideas. But what if there were a few short cuts you could employ to leapfrog your venture? Well hold onto your seat as this article will do just that.

Going Internet Viral.
Do not underestimate the power of the Internet and blowing up in front of millions of users worldwide. Grab that spot where you can place your product in front of all your potential customers’ by creating an ingenious video like these guys.

Ok so with this one the viewer is left in somewhat of a quandary whether the crying is a good or a bad thing. And here lies the trick with this type of marketing. You have to tow the line of what is good/believable and what is bad/not believable .

See this clip below

The great thing about this clip is that people fell for it. To date it’s been viewed nearly 13 million times online. It was picked up by various news companies and broadcast to potentially millions of other viewers also. This is all relatable to the amount of effort the people making the clip have put in. Of course I am still not 100% certain that Pepsi were behind the first clip, although I’d have a hunch.

Give Stuff Away!
Why spend money on viral videos when you could simply just spend it on stuff that you brand with your company name and then just giveaway for free? This has long been held as a marketer’s go-to when considering how best to target potential customers’. Customer receives free gift, get an influx of feel-good endorphins and equate that feeling with the company that has just so graciously bestowed said free gift to them. There was a personal loans website recently that gave away hundreds of calculators with the companies logo on the back. Presumably the calculators were intended to work out the massive interest rates charged.

I wouldn’t say that this is the best option for most companies as you will still need a great product that beats all your competition for it to succeed.

Celebrity Endorsement
This is a firm favourite nowadays with the current crop of Z-list celebrities. You give them free stuff and they will be snapped either by themselves or the media using the said product. Products that are currently doing the rounds include vitamins, supplements and electronic hover-boards. This tactic does not even require a operational website, you can literally do it all through social media with a link to your social media page with the said placement.

Now you have the tools to launch your brand, what are you waiting for?
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