Things to Know About Designing & Building Granny Flats

Granny flats are small units made on the same grounds of a house. These flats are made for a separate family whom you want to stay with you. People mostly build these flats for their old parents or grandparents. These flats can also be given on rents. You can consult a granny flat builder who will help you in making the granny flat of your choice in a professional manner.

What is a Granny Flat?

Essentially, a granny flat is a miniature version of a house usually made for two or fewer persons. Granny flats are constructed on the grounds of a nuclear family home, whether that’s an older property, or even as part of the design of a new home from someone like these Utah home builders. It mainly consists of one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area, a dining area and a bathroom. This flat can either be attached to the main house or it can also be made separately from the house. It is called a granny flat as usually grandparents like to stay living with their family, but have their own private space for just them.
A lot of issues arise when three generations of people stay together, however staying faraway from family is also not a good idea. Hence, the concept of a granny flat which means staying together in the same premises but not exactly in the same house works for a lot of families in a lot of countries.

What you need to ask your builder?

Building a granny flat may look easy but there are many things you need consider before doing so. There are many builders who offer you the service of making your granny flat. Constructing a granny flat needs lot of skill and experience. You must get the best granny flat builder for your granny flat. For that you need to consider the following points:
You need to make sure whether the license of the builder you are hiring is valid. You need to check whether the license of the builder has warranty insured.
Building a granny flat requires a huge amount of money. So you need to make sure your builder gives the maximum effort in doing so. There are builders who do not put much effort but demand a huge amount of money. You need to choose a reliable builder who will be loyal to you and gives a warranty of at least five years.
There are certain regulations regarding granny flats. Many builders are unaware of such regulations according to your area. Hiring a builder who is ignorant of the regulations is a complete waste of your money even if they offer affordable prices. So you should ask your builder whether they know everything necessary for your granny flat. Moreover a permit from the council is required for a granny flat. If your granny flat does not match the given regulations then you may have to face issues.
You need to make sure the builder is authentic and trustworthy. You will be investing a lot of money in your granny flat. So you should do all kinds of research necessary to check the authenticity of the builder. 
You should ask for references from your builder. A well established and reputed builder should have lots of satisfied clients who can give you their valuable feedbacks. 
There are builders who give a huge budget or a very low budget for constructing your granny flat. You should make sure that the granny flat builder you are hiring gives you the right quote of construction. A low price may indicate that the granny flat may not be of good quality. So you should enquire about every detail about the flat. You can also negotiate if the builder asks for a very high price.
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