The Right Strategy for Cracking the PCS Exams

The Provincial Civil Services or the PCS Exams, as they are popularly known as, are held for recruitment of candidates for Civil Services posts of the state governments. State Civil Services exam is one of the most popular entrance exams in which an increasingly large number of candidates appear each year. This exam is the priority of a large number of aspirants who are seeking top Government jobs and a chance to serve the state as a Civil Servant.

How to prepare for PCS Exam in an efficient manner is a question that is stuck in the minds of the applicants who are preparing for this exam. Scoring high marks in PCS is not an easy task. However, there are some guidelines and strategies which will assist you in better preparation of PCS Exams.

  1. Gear up to work hard – The very first and the most important step is to set your mind to sit and study hard. A firm determination and positive mindset is a great motivation to put in your best and sincere efforts. There is a great role of self-study in the preparation. Self-study has the benefit of distributing your time between various subjects as per your level of preparation of subjects.
  2. Choose the right books – Books will be your best friend during the course of your preparation so you must choose them wisely. Choosing the right books is vital to your success. It is advisable to take help of successful candidates of the previous years to make the right choice. Check them to confirm that they cover the prescribed syllabus. You can also buy Yearbook 2018 as it is a great book for competitive exams.
  3. Know the History, Geography, and Current Affairs – PCS exam is a state exam so you must be well-acquainted with the History and Geography of the particular state besides a comprehensive study of these subjects. It is also important to have all updated knowledge about the particular state related to Current Affairs, major incidents, actions or changes of the state along with the overall Current Affairs.
  4. Solve the previous years’ Question Papers – This is one thing you cannot afford to miss if you are really serious about cracking the PCS Exam. You must solve the previous years’ question papers to have an idea of the pattern of examinations. Besides this, you also learn to manage time and the art of presenting answers for the final examination. You can buy magazines online that contain these question papers.
  5. Improve your Writing Skills – The way you present your answers contributes a great deal towards your success. You must pay attention to improving your writing skills. You must emphasize the clarity of concept and also enhance your writing speed. Learn to write answers that are precise and to the point. You must also pay attention to the question and understand the need for the question.

There are a number of myths that surround the Civil Service exams. Some believe that only those having an excellent academic record can get into it. But the truth is that the only quality required is a burning desire to get into the Civil Services. If you have an honest desire to crack the PCS exam and are ready to put in the necessary hard work, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

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