The Pros and Cons of a Career in Dentistry

Dentistry is a career that has seen some drastic changes over the last 18 months or so. There are face-to-face requirements related to professional dentistry and oral care that cannot be overcome, and as such, there have been many questions as to the profession and whether it is still a sustainable career. This article hopes to provide some clear insights regarding the trends, pros, and cons of a career in dentistry.

Pros of a career in dentistry

·         It’s sustainable

As long as you have the right qualifications and invest in the right dental equipment, a career in this industry is sustainable. The premise is that, as long as humans have teeth, then dentistry will always be a necessary and an essential component of societal healthcare. As such, the profession still offers a sustainable career choice.

·         Feel good career

Dentistry is up there with nursing and medicine in that fixing a smile and allowing a patient to eat without pain will give dentists an immense feeling of pride as they allow their patients to live more normally.

  • Flexibility

Only if you practice dentistry in a hospital setting will you be required to be on call; otherwise, it is one of the most flexible of the medical professions.

·         Great income

In the USA, the national average wage of a dentist is three times the national average for all other jobs. This is similar across the developed and even in the developing world: dentists are incredibly well paid. It’s similar to nursing and medicine in that as long as you have the right qualification, technology, and tools, you can make a good living anywhere you choose.

Cons of dentistry


·         The time it will take to get qualified

Many years of study and the costs of this must be budgeted for, both financially as well as socially and emotionally. It’s a hard road to take, so be prepared.

·         Great responsibility

Many procedures are high risk, and a patient’s quality of life may be at stake. This can be quite stressful and has been known to lead to early dentist burnout.

·         Difficult to change patient mindset and behavior

Most dental issues are related to patient behavior, the way they brush, what they eat, drink, and lifestyles. As a dentist, one of the most difficult things to do is to convince patients to change to protect and care for their teeth.

Final remarks

Dentistry is a great way to create a sustainable and fulfilling career. If well planned and the disadvantages are dealt with and mitigated against, you will be among those who can work flexibly, and once you have the experience, set up your own practice. Lastly, as dental care moves in line with other healthcare and becomes more proactive and includes smart technology, the demand for dental appointments and consultations has never been as high. It’s a great time to look into dentistry as a sustainable career option. This article should have provided some valuable insights in this regard.

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