The Malaysian Capital is just the place for Quickies

Kuala Lumpur has long been seen by tourists as the modest sister in the triumvirate of Southeast Asian gateway cities.  KL does not have Singapore’s glitzy mall strips and mega hotels, nor Bangkok’s reputation for a nightlife.  Its local eats are unfairly overlooked, though there is much that the Merlion boasts which its Malaysian sibling can arguably do better.  In this century especially, the Malaysian capital has become synonymous with the city of tall towers – and losing the height of its attitudinal position to newer skyscrapers across the world has left it looking a little forlorn on the tourist map.  For some reason, even seasoned travellers seem to have stopped expecting great things of Kuala Lumpur – including just a beautiful hotel bedroom.  Which is so unfair, because where Singapore reiterates more of the same when not shouded by haze and Bangkok’s busy being overexposed when not in full blown political cises, this is the capital with the exclusive secrets still left to discover – provided you are happy to exercise due diligence and deep pockets.
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