The Best Last-Minute Trips From New York

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While there are plenty of us trying to escape the countryside in pursuit of some city excitement, we must also spare a thought for those who have lived amongst the chaos of this year in tightly packed spaces. Those with reduced public transport and shared walls, which do not block sound out as well as many people wish.

Let us not even mention the lack of gardens for the towering flats.

So yes, it is likely that the good people of New York would like to have a break too. For those that find themselves in this situation, this piece is for you.

Read on to find out the best destinations for last-minute trips from New York!

Visiting Buffalo for Food

Buffalo is one of those excellent places that all New Yorkers should visit at least once. This place is perfect for the foodies as there are plenty of delicious food options inspired by a variety of different places. For those who love New Orleans cuisine, there are dishes that can be picked up on the curbside from the Toutant restaurant. There is an Italian which Mick Jagger was known to have stopped at last time he was in town, and for those who fancy a little more soul food, there is also the worst kept secret – Je Ne Sais Quoi, which offers wholesome staples such as sweet potato pie, yams, mac and cheese, and tender fried chicken to name a few! Of course, if American-style food is your bag then Buffalo has that covered too!

Visiting Nantucket for Peace

One for those who really need a rest and to soak up the scenery, Nantucket is an excellent option. There are magical lighthouses, stunning cobbled streets, and some breathtaking views to enjoy when you touch down. There are plenty of quaint little hotels and boutiques which can offer you a restful stay, and when you have mustered up the energy, you can cycle through the streets, enjoy a picnic or visit one of the many fascinating museums, shops, and markets. It is also a great idea to try the seafood here if that is your thing!

To add to this relaxing experience, make sure everything is planned in advance.

This can be from the hotel you will be staying at, the travel in between, and right down to the finer details such as parking. From LaGuardia, you can get a flight to Nantucket that takes only three hours with no changeovers, and don’t forget to book LaGuardia airport parking too!

Lake George for Mountains

For those who just want to be amongst the mountains, out in the fresh air, and enjoying the great outdoors, Lake George is the treat break away for you. You can choose from enjoying a few lazy days or getting stuck into some recreational activities such as stargazing, shopping, and water sports.

The lake stretches an impressive 32 miles and is surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, which is a great reason to visit just by itself!

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