Strike at the Source of Terrorism Wherever it may be

In Favour

Bastille Day attack in France, Dhaka Attack in Bangladesh, Mumbai Attack, 9/11 Attack and now the latest provocation in Uri that claimed the lives of 18 soldiers have been witness to the mounting insidious situation.


Many West-Asian countries like Syria, Pakistan have become the headquarters of Terrorism and their only competitive advantage seems to be marrying technologies of human destruction and buying and exporting them.


A new global phenomenon to brainwash youth through various online platforms akin to the Zakir Naik controversy and their members creeping into our society, influencing them to the extent that they leave their homes to serve the Land of Terror. This is the burning issue of the 21st century. The recent video showing children below the age of 12 beheading captives shows how gruesome the future can be, if urgent action is not taken in this crisis.


Putting Terrorism front and center at various global institutions like UN, G8, ASEAN and now BRICS, India and all other governments as well, are changing their attitudes, policies according to the changing dynamics of the world.


To tackle the complex realities, the sole efforts from the government will not bear fruit, each one will have to contribute yes we can ! By deterring ourselves from giving money to the poor people; to children; to everyone who has made beggary their profession. Because that is the only way we can revamp the exacerbating situation.


Generosity or Empathy is a huge industry for these people. These sums get added from the beggar who is barely given food to the racket or franchise holder who earns in lakhs to the Racket holder who earns in millions, then to a few middlemen to the Mafia in crores and to the underworld in billions and finally Terror groups who get trillions.


This system has to be disrupted from the grassroots level. The gift of life is bigger than the gift of gratitude and only once, everyone understands this statement can peace, unity, love, hope have practical and positive implication on our world.



Be it Europe’s terror deaths or the deadliest attacks by ISIs, range it dear readers, from the Jews, the assassins, the anarchists and the extremists to the most heinous World Wars, October (Russian 1917) revolution, the Haitian, the Chinese or the Iranian revolution; we merely unfold a series of wars, revolts, gory fratricidal killings and umpteen misdeeds and tactics under a geopolitical ‘social’ cover to a coup or leben-sraum. From the legendary Persian and Macedonian greats to the recent 9/11, 26/11, Pathankot or Uri attacks, it’s the greed which takes a savagely drive to kill hundreds of millions in its nonchalant ignorance to kill ‘mankind’ and ‘trust’ in being human. Another war will be inevitable after striking government sponsored terrorists.


Oh ! your caveats !! ‘An eye for an eye…’ Indian history is replete with examples which show two situations : the first—we fought tooth and nail and either reclaimed our glory or attained martyrdom, and the second that we never attacked any terrain of a populace. The greatest sons of my country have been the greatest warriors against hatred in the ‘hate-mongers’. None of our fundamental texts, shada darshans, state crafts, stage crafts and ancient texts advocates striking an enemy. The greatest doctrine and manual of governance which ensures liberty and fraternity is our ‘Constitution’, it has entrusted the defence force with the responsibilities of countering invasions/intrusions and ensuring external Security of India. Our executive, the de-factor head of defence, dis-allows military command/to inhibit dictatorships. The executive is my voice, and my voice is the sum-total of my experiments with truth. My truth is the philosophy of ‘Swaraj’ and the spirit of this philosophy is ‘Swadesh’ no armtwistings, no commissions, no signalling of thaws in relationships it’s only ‘truth’ to be conveyed straight through multiple tracks of political dialogues. Not only shall we realize this as the ultimate solution but also must we be inspired much later, after exhausting our nuclear and chemical strength along with surgical strikes, that the great Nobel laureates like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi or the Chief of the Super power Barack Obama have proved the relevance of peace and non-violence as exercised by Bapu. Those political dialogues will create and cultivate a public culture and guide the populace to move in right direction.


Our double entendre principles of peace between the citizens of the opposing countries vis-a-vis armaments and arsenals of APCs, fighter aircrafts, aircraft carriers, Prithvi, Agnis, BrahMos, Sukhoi, Tejas and Arihant with B05, lapse our search & effort of absolute truth, and we break ourselves into rigid and dichotomous Manichean terms. Resorting to violence at the source of terrorism kills the non-violent options. Retaliations could not stop further Talibanization and sleeper cells post world wars, cold wars, 26/11, Mubai-local-trains serial blasts and even after a drone attack that killed Osama-bin-Laden !! Evil for evil bred new gangs. The homicidal attempts could have been avoided by tackling them before hand; by preventing and averting a violent condition to explode. The defence mechanism must be to res-pond to fear, to stand, to question, to apprehend, to discover and rediscover the truth behind a violence. Cowards need weapons to justify the myths in a religion to attest any brazen codes to threaten, and to run away after committing a serious felony. Our neighbouring country’s history shares the same heritage and teachings of Buddha, Vedanta and Bapu.


Every terrorist group is a motivated rag-tag bunch of indisciplined soldiers mostly illiterates who buy their deaths by bartering their poverty. Attacking them with weapons without listening to their demands would be a grave injustice, as then, as ‘finite’, and ‘relative finite’ and ‘disciplined human soldiers’ (and guided missiles) would be killing a misjudged throng without intellectual approach and rational analysis. Common people never win any wars; governments on both the sides seldom lose any! Sensitized erudites on both the sides can transform them to responsible citizens albeit persona-non-grata. Could military might stop detonations, suicide bombings, mass-shootings, hackings, barrelings and hijackings ? No, as the source of terrorism has no single bunker. It propagates from a small shoot or twig; metamorphoses into Jeu, LeT, ISIs, IRA, Bokoharam, Hezbollah or Naxalism. If we could not ferret out the reasons and prevention of internal threats, we must be conclusive and unanimous in our firm decision that striking one source (or several sources) of terrorism is not a permanent solution to a regional or a global crisis. What if a country refuses to strike back, and at the same time leads to re-orienting for allowing an atmosphere of collective dialogue strategy ? British tyranny, which ended by non-violent means, could have been replaced by a more violent coup d’etat and coup de vent. If it had been exercised before propounding exclusivist policies like ‘whites only’, ‘Sinhala only’, Rich only’, ‘Upper caste only’ etc.–etc., hundreds of rebellions, protests and death squads could have been stopped from expansion. In a bi-polar world, terrorists group and re-group to sponsor terrorism through powerful countries. Such power hungry nations abuse the victim-countries by inflicting more injuries. China may extend olive branch to Pakistan through a CPEC affecting Sino-Indian relations through the line of Actual Control; India in retaliation, may show its commercial interests in SCS navigations to deal with Vietnam, Brunei and Philippines. At last, the irked countries would begin damage control, instead of more confrontation. Hence, it’s clear that by curbing the illegal fundings and international aid to sponsor cross-border terrorism, which our Prime Minister Shri Modi emphasized at Hangzhou at G-20 Summit, could stop the perpetrators from exploding.


An honest solution to combat international terrorism could be to expand pre-operational exchange of information on terrorist outfits and sanctions against them, to diffuse the escalating tensions; as means are always controllable. In this impermanent world let’s be ‘non-violent, peace and justice activists’ by focusing on de-conditioning violent traps, and let courageous violence be practised over cowardice to counter incursions and external threats. Striking the source of terrorism will also kill several innocents : ‘An injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere’. The source of terrorism, if it is one, can’t be located precisely as its channels run through VoIP (26/11) ‘that too an American company’, Over the Top (OTT) delivery of hatred, honey traps and Internet of Things (IOT). The invisible pathway, from regression to repression, is the only missing link which leads to aggression, we need to strike a counter at that location. It’s the mindset which blocks a person’s intellect to judge the virtuous and the sinful deed.

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