Stock Market in Emerging India

Who is a stock broker?

A stock broker is a synchronized specialized human being, usually connected by means of a brokerage firm or broker trader, who buys and sells shares and some other securities for both retail and institutional customers, all the way through a stock exchange or above the counter, in return for a charge or payment.
The financiers are known by numerous professional designations on the base of the license, the type of the securities these professionals sell and the service they give. In European countries, these agents like to apply to the brokerage firm rather than any human being.
There are a variety of parameters that the investors have to think about while deciding best stockbrokers, these are –
· Nominal amount account opening charges: The investors have to choose a broker with least deposit according to the wants and budgets.
· The brokers should be the associate of NSE and BSE and registered with SEBI.
· Before every investment, the investors should check the reviews and ratings of the brokers rather trust blindly on any friend.
· There are a number of stock brokers who bring out outstanding research reports completely for the customers. So the investors should request its approaching broker to give copies of the previous research reports which are very helpful guides to find positive sight.
· Investors have to find out the information about the quality of the services of the approaching brokers before investing.
· It is necessary to have minimum brokerage charges for the every selected broker.
Our national or Indian broker market is classified into three categories regarding their services.They are-
1. Discount stock broker
2. Full-service broker
3. Financer holding three in one Account Facility.
The reduction brokers give services to buy and sell stocks, commodities currencies at lowest brokerage as compared to full-service brokers.When any investors choose discount finance, they are the best choice to offer the customers large revenue or profit.Then the investor can trade with lowest brokerage fees.They enable the traders to carry out online share trading with minimal brokerage charges.
The full-service brokers also give large support to the patrons and it gives professional assistance on particular trades.On the other hand, the patrons have to pay extra for the brokerage fees. Before the beginning of the trading, the funds should be transferred to the brokerage account.So for the fresher of the stock market, this kind of brokerage is fine to guide any investor completely.For short-time money making scheme, this full- service of brokerage option is the best.
Nowadays, different stock brokers are available who are giving three in one account facility to the customers.This special account integrates online trading Account, Bank Account and Demat account on a solitary platform for the stock market.The NSE and BSE trading facility is also available in it.
The investors can compare the various shares to go for the best option.The brokerage comparison would help to identify the topmost brokerage service provider.Comparisons between the various brokerages are indispensable for the lowest risk factor after investment.
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