Salt Lake City: Where Art Lovers Feel at Home

Multiculturalism, liberalism, tradition, the perseverance to preserve and some great museums; that’s what makes Utah’s capital a symbol of goodness in the United States. Check out what you should mark your calendar for!

Salt Lake City is the envy of many other cities, not just across the United States, but the world. After all, it has world-famous resorts, top line hotels and restaurants, the latest in entertainment, music concerts and festivals, right across county and neighborhood. The place is also relatively low on crime.
This city experiences huge footfall every year, round the year. One of the biggest contributing factors is the huge number of events and artists turning up in the city.
Art and art-related events and exhibitions bring their fair share of connoisseurs and students. Sometimes, you get to catch the experience of a lifetime! Let us have a look at why Salt Lake City is considered one of the best cities for art and art lovers alike.
Utah Arts Festival
This one of a kind event has been around since 1977 and opens to the public every year with 130 booths. That’s where the artists display their work. What’s more, there are art projects for children, street concerts and theatre. In the past, it has been voted among the premier art festivals in the entire country.
Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts
The only contemporary art museum in the state of Utah is also one of the most important cultural attractions in Salt Lake City with a lot of historical value. This was previously known as the Salt Lake Art Centre. Collections here are either permanent or temporary where they are displayed anywhere between 2-8 months. Both local and international artists present their work in fun and innovative ways at this venue and are guaranteed to leave the guests with a refreshing experience. Besides the six galleries here, there is extra space for events. This place has been in action since 1931.
Southam Gallery
While it may not be the best gallery or the most renowned one, the Southam Gallery is definitely one of the busiest galleries in town with people coming and going before you can blink. This place has been around since its inception in 1982. An emphasis is placed on the works of international artists who do theme-based paintings on realism and impressionism. Numerous other works are on display and they are works of established and emerging artists from the region.
Phillips Art Gallery
Open since 1965, this place is spread across three floors where different exhibitions are put up. Various forms of art from contemporary to traditional are displayed in rotating exhibitions that are held on a monthly basis. Other services on offer include restoration and custom framing, and that’s not a complete list!
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Arguably the best art museum in SLC, it comes with the most unique and varied collection that touches a mix of different forms of art and culture. It is SLC’s answer to the call for resources on visual and cultural art. This museum, which has 20 galleries, houses pieces of artwork from numerous countries and boasts of a jaw-dropping 17,000 pieces of work.
They are part of a permanent collection. There are educational classes that are held here as well, for both, children and adults. There are other activities like special summer camps, sculpture classes and painting classes. Some of the major cultures that get represented here are the Ancient and Classical World, Asia, Europe and Africa.
One thing everyone should keep in mind if they want the best art-viewing experience is visit on the third Friday of every month except in December, when it’s the first Friday. This is when most of the leading galleries take part in the Gallery Stroll.
It is a misconception that you can be an art lover only if you understand art. Feeling it is more instrumental to appreciating what’s meaningful. Events in Salt Lake City are of various genres, depending on the artists involved. Opera, exhibitions of sculpture and painting, art seminars, reading sessions, the list simply goes on for those visiting SLC for the intellectual pleasures of life.
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