Reaching out to students made easy with mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is an accepted and universal mode of marketing which we see now-a-days. It is the marketing done on or with a mobile device like a smart phone. Mobile phones have become an integral part of students’ lives. No longer are they a luxury but have become a necessity.

This necessity is a huge advantage for the marketers. They are therefore targeting students and people in general via digital marketing which has been made easy through mobile phones, tablets and laptops. No wonder then you see everyone hooked to one or other app on their mobile to access information or source the product or service that they need.

Why Mobile Marketing?
Accessibility – Students’ lives now move around their mobile phones. Mobiles are always handy and checked numerous times in a day. This results in the message being delivered and in timely communications as compared to other modes of marketing. The message can be brief and informal and the response is quicker. It helps in two-way communication. Cost efficient – Digital media is a cheaper way of marketing. There are no production and material costs involved. There is one distribution point from where the information can be accessed worldwide.

How can students be reached?
Marketing via mobile games – Today’s generation is into mobile phones because of games. Thus marketing through this medium is a great way to reach out to the students. There are mobile ads which appear in the mobile games. They can be seen as pop-ups or sometimes appear as full page ads or videos.

Social networking and utility applications – There are so many apps which the customers use day-to-day. These can be the weather apps, apps for flashlight function, barcode scanners, smart tools, guitar tuner and many more. Other than these students use popular social networkings sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to access and share information. Information in the form of advertisements can be posted via digital marketing to reach out to the students. This technique thus can be used to reach out to the students.

E-commerce websites – Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra are commonly used by people to place orders and get home delivery for the same. These again are a great medium to reach the students. Ads can be posted on these e-commerce websites to keep the public posted of the latest offerings of businesses.

Digital marketing agencies like Unipro assist educational institutions and universities reach out to students online via digital and mobile marketing platforms. The digital media has turned out to be the most efficient platform and it is prudent to promote and advertise on this platform. It is the fastest medium for reaching out to millions of students at a single time.
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