Radiation Exposure and Your Business: 4 Tips to Keep Employees Safe

Keep Employees Safe

If your business deals with radiation exposure, you will already be well aware of the dangers that are present. Exposure to significant levels of radiation can lead to various ailments, while high levels can cause fatal damage to a person’s internal organs.

Fortunately, advances in technology have increased the sophistication of protection against radiation hazards. These developments range from anti-scratch safety glasses to fall protection equipment.
Although these advances have all added an extra layer of safety, there are still steps that need to be taken for peace of mind. Here are four tips to keep employees safe when they’re faced with radiation exposure:

Limit exposure time

It goes without saying, but the longer someone is exposed to radiation, the larger the dose of radiation they will receive. This is obviously bad news. Due to this, it’s integral your employees have their exposure time to radiation limited as much as possible.
This can be achieved through appropriate planning. By putting together, a proper strategy, all workers can operate on a rotating schedule that limits radiation exposure for everyone. Planning can also identify possible safety concerns, and these can be eradicated for a much more efficient overall operation. The workers can use a dosimeter to measure radiation absorbed over time and take action accordingly. You could also consider getting a geiger counter for sale to measure the overall radiation levels of certain areas and find contaminated surfaces or objects.

Maintain a safe distance

The closer someone gets to a radioactive source, the larger their exposure is to radiation. It’s another simple point, admittedly, but this doesn’t make it any less pertinent.
When attempting to stay away from a hazard as much as possible, this first begins by monitoring radiation levels. When the monitoring is complete, you can establish a perimeter. This perimeter can be used to establish an exposure zone, where only those with the appropriate protective clothing can enter.
By controlling distance with safety access zones, you can significantly limit employees from being unnecessarily exposed to radiation.

Create a shield

What is a shield exactly? Think of it like a bulletproof vest. Specialist radiation shielding can help to slow – or even completely stop – radiation energy from passing through and negatively affecting people.
Certain substances are better at blocking different types of radioactive energy. For instance, gamma rays require an extensive amount of radiation shielding, such as lead wool blankets. When searching for the right shielding, it makes sense to pick an expert in the field to provide the goods. Lancs Industries boasts over 40 years of experience producing lead radiation shielding products, for example, and they can create bespoke designs to match your requirements.

Keep employees educated

It’s not enough for only you to know the aforementioned information. You also have to fully educate your employees about radiation safety and how they can limit exposure as much as possible.
The training process incorporates several different elements. For instance, your employees will need to know about the right protection precautions and procedures against radiation, the risks of exposure, and the importance of complying with all regulations.
Yet even once you have conducted training, it is essential to continually refresh staff members about radiation procedures, so it is fresh in their memory at all times.
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