Portable Diesel Generator – Is it Worth Having?

For those who are looking for a good portable diesel generator have plenty of options.
But the thing is, while most diesel generator portable models are nice to have around, those that are powered by diesel have numerous upsides. They are durable, safe and efficient. They are the kind of diesel portable generators that requires less maintaining.
One of the main advantages of a diesel generator set is that they are efficient in terms of fuel consumption. Generators that are fueled by diesel consume a lot less fuel compared to others that run on gas. Plenty of diesel generators waste only half of the fuel contents just like those that have the same capacity.

It is easy to assume that you would save as much as 40% to 50% of the cost of fuel when you are using diesel portable generators. That is a whole lot of savings that you can get for a long period of time. A portable generator diesel is a very safe machine to operate. They do not overheat mainly because the fuel does not explode. This means, it can safely be used inside your home and commercial buildings.
The only mild thing that you can get from a small leaking diesel especially when it is inside the building is a headache. But it is important to not take the diesel for granted alone. Inhalation of diesel can be fatal when breathing in large amounts. To prevent any diesel leaks from happening it is imperative that you keep children away from the generator diesel. You can find more best portable generators reviews that help a lot for your emergency power source.
The All Power America APG portable diesel generator has an electric start and a wheel kit. Valued at $ 1,270, the machine can get you power anytime and anywhere. The portable generator is no doubt durable and packs a lot of muscle. It is used for camping or simply as a backup power supply for your home or RV.  It features:
  1. A peak power of 6500 watts
  2. Has a 4 stroke cooling air diesel engine with an automated start button and recoil start
  3. Is ultra-portable
  4. A power engine that runs quietly at 76 dB
  5. Produces an efficient 50 amps of power at 120 V or at 25 amps at 250V at 60 Hz
  6. Coupled with 2 AC 120 V outlets
  7. EPA approved

The Silent Portable Diesel Generator is another great thing to come around. Priced at $1,375, it has plenty more to offer like most whole house generators. Its features include:
  • An outer shell steel construction
  • An automatic voltage regulator
  • A self-priming feature with an electric start and a 406 cc engine displacement
  • Has a run time of as much as 9 hours
  • A fuel capacity of 4 gallons
  • Runs on a very powerful 9 HP engine used for heavy workload
  • Runs on a very low noise level at 70 dB
  • Dimensions: 27” H x 21.5”W x 38”D
  • Boasts a diesel engine with 7,000 watts of power and a continuous 6300 watt rating.

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