PGDM vs MBA: Which is the Best for Placements?

With increasing demand in the IT industry and corporate culture, more and more students choose management studies programs. However, in India, students are confused between PGDM vs MBA when pursuing the course. The course curriculum is almost identical, but some minor vital differences help you decide which is better.

Both these PGDM and MBA programs are postgraduate courses. But the students who are not aware of the differences may make chaotic decisions. Students should take steps carefully from selecting the correct college to the right career. After completing the program, students are struggling to get placed in high company.

Prime Difference Between MBA and PGDM:

What is MBA?

MBA stands as Master in Business Management, and it is two years post-graduation program; this course is authenticated by University Grants Commission (UGC). Many colleges are offer MBA courses, and these colleges change their approach in 5 to 10 years. Those students who make a career in MBA allow students to get high-paid jobs. The students who score 50% or more in bachelor’s degrees from a recognized university are eligible for an MBA course.

What is PGDM?

PGDM stands as the Postgraduate Diploma in management is two years diploma course offered by PGDM colleges all over India. A PGDM is almost similar to an MBA degree.  Students with bachelor’s degrees score 50% aggregate marks in India or abroad can apply now for the PGDM course. You can visit the website of the various renowned PGDM colleges like Rajalakshmi School of Business to get the complete details for the college and courses offered.

Difference Between PGDM vs MBA

Difference MBA PGDM
Type of Institute Those colleges affiliated with universities can offer MBA degrees. An autonomous institute offers a PGDM course in Tamil Nadu.
Duration 2 Years Depends it may be 1 or 2 years course
Validity Authorize as Postgraduate degree. Authorize and equivalent to postgraduate degree
Body of Accreditation It is accredited by the university. Recognized and approved by AICTE.
Focus of Course MBA courses are providing theoretical knowledge and also develop technical knowledge for students. It focuses to prepare the students for any practical


Placement It depends on the college. Most PGDM college has best placement opportunity.
Fee MBA course fees depend on the college. PGDM course cost is between 5 to 20 lakhs.
Curriculum The course depends on university rules and it is not frequently changed. PGDM course is flexible as it is given by autonomous institute and the course is changed from time to time.
Innovative Practices The scope of innovation is limited as the syllabus is prepared by the university. Training and teaching are multidisciplinary.

Which Course is Better, MBA or PGDM?

We mention all the differences, but now it’s up to you to choose which course is suitable for you. But visit the website while selecting any of these programs.

  1. According to your budget, consider the fee structure between PGDM and MBA.
  2. India and International Job: There is no significant difference for a job, and it depends on college reputation.
  3. Compare the Curriculum: MBA includes theoretical knowledge, and PGDM focus on practical knowledge.

Job Opportunities

The ratio of campus placements in PGDM institutes is better than their MBA. The PGDM course in Tamil Nadu has a robust community of alumni, employers, and enterprise associations and attracts some of the most reputable businesses for placements. Most college students can get profitable jobs in the course of campus placements themselves. If not, they can still get higher job opportunities for outdoor campus placements.

The students doubt that the PGDM course is better than MBA because of the syllabus, university, infrastructure, and placement opportunities. PGDM course in Chennai is proved the best course, and it is popular among the students.





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