Patagonia treasures, Argentina

travelling to Argentina
Patagonia is a land of spaces, freedom and nature as it should be. The immense land of steppe, glaciers, mountains and uncountable species that live together in harmony- this is Patagonia.

The majority of people travelling to Argentina picture this country as a fun-loving land with warm climate and lots of tango dancing. Patagonia reveals all stereotypes by showing the land of peaceful mind and wild, untouched nature.

Estancia Menelik, Puerto Morelo
To warm you up I recommend starting your trip with Estancia Menelik, Argentina famous horseback riding station. There are no Marlboro-like riders, this is a real thing. The estancia overlooks incredible Perito Morelo national park, known for its snorkeling tours within the park. Travelers can stay in nice wooden bunkhouses or stay at one of the luxurious hotel in the park.

Darwin Expeditions
Patagonia was one of the places Darwin spent his time exploring. Even today we have a great opportunity to walk his road and observe wildlife and environmental changes with professional guides who work in the area. The best place to order a tour is Natural Rio Deseado Reservation. One can order complete tour that includes kayaking trips, natural observation and archeology tours.

Hiking Patagonia from Estancia Cristina
One of the longest and most exciting experiences one can get in Patagonia is a hiking tour from Estancia Cristina. The tour passes Lago Argentina, where you will sail on a boat past real giant icebergs, visit beautiful Los Perros waterfall, ride horses in the wide range located in the nearby village and hike to the magnifying Upsala Glacier. This is truly a trip to remember; nowhere else in the world will you experience such a union with nature. Keep in mind that the road is tricky, so it is highly recommended to order a tour with professional guide, otherwise one have to have a radio set or at least a GPS tracking app like pumpic app on their phones.

Whale watching
This one is quite overwhelming; watching these giant creatures usually makes people burst into tears because of the mighty and sincerity these animals share. The best way to watch whales is to come to Puerto Madryn, a famous Patagonian city, during October –November. The boat tour starts at Piramides Port and goes one or two miles into the sea to stop at the sea lion colony. Then the tour goes far into the sea and when it reaches the point when you can hardly see the coast, there is a sudden splash from the water. One can clearly see something silvery and black jumping next to the boat, this means that the whales are here. The strongest sound of splash makes everyone cry out of excitement, which is usually doubled by a terrific dolphins’ performance that are swimming next to whales. Altogether, the experience is unbelievable, there is no doubt that no one could ever forget the charm and mighty of such a moment.
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