National Seminar on Greenery and Landscaping

“Greenery and Landscaping”, a National Seminar, which focused on Green Urban Areas for sustainable development by optimal harnessing of scarce resources of water, air, energy, land, biodiversity and use of new technologies, that play an important role in the social and natural sustainability and improve quality of life, organized by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), as a part of its continued effort for green and clean sustainable development, was inaugurated by Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, on 5 April 2019 in New Delhi. CPWD Publications and e-Modules were also released during the function.

Presentations by eminent Horticulturists, Architects and Engineers and over 40 papers received made following recommendations during the Seminar:

  • Green Urban Areas play an important role in the social and natural sustainability and improve quality of life.
  • Greenery and Dense plantation have a major impact on conservation of energy, and reduce energy requirement of buildings.
  • It is essential to take up plantation work to maintain sustainable environment, pollution free clean air.
  • People are not getting any area for greenery as cost of land has increased manifold and high rise buildings are coming up.
  • Plantation, greenery and other environment friendly applications should be planned around buildings by way of dwarf trees, small shrubs, ground covers, hanging baskets, creepers, etc.
  • Alternative materials to wood such as Bamboo should be encouraged in building construction.
  • New technologies in landscaping and Horticulture should be implemented to save the labour and cost of project in the long run and for that orientation and proper training should be imparted to the persons engaged.
  • Emphasis should be given for conserving and transplanting indigenous and grown up trees.
  • Herbal plants are useful for keeping the life healthy and plantation of these along with medicinal plants should be encouraged.
  • Organic Manure should be applied for healthy and nutritious food.
  • Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation and pop up system should to be adopted to conserve water.
  • Every individual should adopt minimum one tree as plants and greenery help in reducing adverse effects of climate change.
  • Green initiative should be taken up on a mission mode by every nation, every city, every society and every individual so that future generations may lead happy and healthy life.

Prabhakar Singh, Director General, CPWD elaborated achievements of CPWD in terms of adoption of the sustainable development measures, human resource management, speedier and quality construction, adoption of new technologies, completion of projects on time with quality and economy and implementation of new policy initiatives.

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