Musicians Who Rock Stylish Eyewear

There’s no question that eyewear can be iconic. Although glasses may have somewhat of a nerdy reputation, they can take on an entirely different tone when draped around the face of a celebrity. Musicians have the unique ability to make glasses seem ultra-cool. Throughout the history of contemporary music, bands and artists have helped make glasses and sunglasses awesome. From iconic glasses-wearers like John Lennon to upstart indie bands like PHOX, the right pair of glasses can make a huge difference. But, what other musicians have rocked a pair of glasses like no other? We’ll take a look at a few below.
Lisa Loeb
If Lisa Loeb is iconic for anything, it’s probably her distinctive eyewear. Her thin, cream-colored frames have certainly made her a star in both the reality TV and music arenas. It would be almost impossible to think of Lisa Loeb without her glasses.
John Lennon
The aforementioned Mr. Lennon popularized his famous round lenses well before Harry Potter came onto the scene. The circular glasses have become something of an icon in and of themselves. Probably what makes these glasses so iconic is that they wouldn’t work on literally anyone else. But, since John Lennon wore them, they’ve become immortalized.
Elton John
Sir Elton is known for a lot of things, but none of those things are an “understated sense of style.” The British crooner liked everything to be big and flamboyant from his musical numbers to, yes, his eyewear. Even well into his 60’s, Elton John continues to rock some of the most colorful and daring eyeglasses you find anywhere.
Kanye West
Although you might not expect one of the greatest rap superstars in history to need prescription eyewear, Yeezy proves the detractors wrong. Not only does Kanye West need glasses, but he pulls them off spectacularly, too. Of course, Kanye’s not just about wearing stylish prescription lenses. He’s also donned several pairs of designer sunglasses, including classic Cazals.
Bob Dylan
At the height of his popularity in the 1960’s, Bob Dylan was almost never seen without his trademark Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. His “too-cool-for-school” look was groundbreaking and the folk rock superstar’s place in glasses history.
Maybe Beyonce doesn’t actually need prescription eyewear, but she can definitely rock a pair when she needs to. In the music video for her hit song “Partition,” Queen Bey dons a pair of dark-rimmed cat-eye glasses from Tom Ford (a brand her famous husband reps extensively). Whether she needs them or not, Beyonce certainly looks good in a pair of reading glasses.
Of course, the list doesn’t end there. The mystique of the musician means that virtually anyone who picks up a guitar or a microphone is going to look cool doing it. Whether you’re Monica Martin from PHOX or Kanye West from Kanye West, your eyewear game is going to be coveted, worshipped, and emulated. Musicians are clearly trendsetters and they certainly help get brand names and styles out to the public. Chances are, you’ve been influenced by these celebs whether you know it or not.

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