MCA or MCom? That Is The Question!

Nowadays after a bachelor’s level study in commerce and other related streams, many students in India also study further and have a choice between MCA and MCom. These are the two common options for commerce students at the master’s level and both are solid courses that educate students in different fields of study. MCA is the Master’s in Computer Applications and MCom is the Masters in Commerce which are both degrees at the postgraduate level. Which one is better? MCA and MCom are both great choices and the question is which one to choose between the two.

The following are some of the details and differences between MCA and MCom:

Masters of Computer Applications
Computer applications are used in every sector of the economy as most businesses require computer systems to operate. Masters in Computer Applications is a course that teaches students in-depth knowledge about the development of computer applications.

What does MCA Include?
MCA is a degree course that students can apply now as many top colleges in India offer this course to their students. It includes a detailed study of various areas of computer application development. Students learn knowledge about applications software, systems hardware, development of applications, management information system or MIS, systems engineering and development, networking, and troubleshooting in computers.

Eligibility for MCA
This is a postgraduate degree that can be done in either three years or two years depending on the earlier qualifications of the student. The students are required to have a legitimate undergraduate degree in science, arts, or commerce or a BCA degree which is the bachelor’s level degree in computer applications. It is a good idea to visit the website of top colleges who offer this degree.

Job Opportunities after MCA
Many jobs are on offer after getting an MCA degree. This includes job opportunities to manage systems development in different fields of study. MCA colleges in Jaipur helps students get the education for top jobs in this sector. This can include getting jobs as app developers, business analysts, database engineers, technical writers, web developers, and web designers.

Masters of Commerce
Commercial activity is the bedrock of the economy and a Masters degree in commerce helps students understand the various aspects of commercial activity in society. Students can apply now to top universities in India to get postgraduate degrees in commerce.

What does MCom include?
There are many types of areas of commerce that are taught in MCom to students who visit the website of top colleges and apply for this course. That includes subjects like banking, taxation, accountancy, finance, marketing, business management and costing mathematics. MCom is a degree that teaches students details about mathematics in business and also financial services in the banking sector.

Eligibility for MCom
Most of the students that get admission in MCom degree courses have completed BCom and BCom Honours degrees in India. Just like top MCA colleges in Jaipur there are many top MCom colleges in the city. Sometimes students that have completed courses at the Bachelors level like BA Economic Honours or BBA are also eligible for this course.

Job Opportunities for MCom
There are many job opportunities in this sector and MCom is a degree which opens doors to many jobs in India. This includes accountancy jobs, financial management jobs, and jobs in the banking sector, stock broking, wealth management jobs, and auditing jobs which are widely available in most cities in India in a good economy.

MCA and MCom as mentioned above are two extremely different degrees and they teach the students different subjects and fields of study. There are many opportunities after both these degrees and it is important for students to know their interests and talents before making the right choice.

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