Key Reasons to Step Up Quality Control in HR

If there was ever any one department that could be considered the lifeblood of a company, it would be human resources. This one department is in touch with literally every employee from the moment they submit an application until that day they are no longer employed. Anything and everything that happens in between those two points in time will touch base with HR at one time or another. From onboarding to training to annual reviews, there isn’t a function within HR that isn’t constantly in touch with every employee. Since HR is the hub around which all functions rotate, it is imperative to observe a high level of quality control. Here are some key reasons why.

1. Expect Nothing Less from Your Department

It would be the height of hypocrisy to expect anything less from your own department than you would for any team out there on the floor. Your company demands the very best your employees have to offer and so should HR expect that same level of efficiency within their own department. When conducting annual reviews, HR assessment questions drawn up by G&A Partners can identify any weaknesses that specifically need to be addressed. If you can expect efficiency out on the floor, you can expect nothing less in HR.

2. Customer Satisfaction

During an HR assessment, it will be determined if your department is serving their ‘customers’ satisfactorily. Bear in mind that employees are the consumers that HR serves so it is imperative to ensure your team is giving them the same level of service that you want them to show their own customers. Just because they are employed by the company, doesn’t mean that you are not there to serve them. In other words, a satisfied customer is yours for life and that will keep experienced, knowledgeable employees on the job, hopefully all the way through to retirement.

3. Efficiency & Profitability

It is rare to hear the terms efficiency and profitability spoken separately. They go hand in hand because efficiency does lead directly to profitability and that is just as it should be. If you want to show a profit, then every function and process within a company should be lean. The more efficient you are, the lesser your waste will be and from there it is possible to deduce the outcome. Whether you are in the midst of your annual HR assessment or are simply concerned with running a tight ship, it is imperative to keep a strong focus on efficiency. That is how HR should be seen.

There have been too many times over the years where Human Resources was set up as a department separate from the company itself. Perhaps this was based on an archaic idea that management should be far removed from all lower level of employees. In today’s environment, it has been determined that literally every employee on every level performs better if they can see themselves as a viable member of a team. If you expect great things out of HR, you will get great things out on the floor as well.

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