Job Opportunities After Studying at University of Calgary

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Canada has been one of the most sought-after study-abroad destinations for both undergraduate and graduate courses. It has a relaxed post-study work (PGWPP) and immigration policy which attracts international students in abundance from all across the world. Additionally, policies like Express Entry make Canada a favourite study destination.

The country provides a safe, economically stable and multicultural society, which make it easy for foreign nationals to get settled and get jobs in Canada. According to the Times Higher Education, the number of international students at Universities of Canada has elevated by 11% in 2017.
University of Calgary is a public institution and has been ranked #7 in the Best Global Universities in Canada. It has gained huge popularity with due course of time for offering more than 250 courses with each of them having an exhaustive curriculum. Additionally, the University has 50 research institutes that provide students with an excellent opportunity for extensive research.
In view of the number of programmes at the University of Calgary, lucrative placement opportunities for students are assured. However, before applying it is essential that international applicants gather adequate information about the admission requirements as it is the 1st step towards their endeavour of a bright career.
Admission Requirements
Applicants must obtain or hold the following minimum qualifications to be eligible for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies:
Minimum education:
       Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 point system
       A 4-year degree/equivalent is required for any master’s program.
       A master’s degree in most cases is a must for admission to a doctoral program.
English language proficiency test:
If the student’s first language is not English, then he may have to fulfill the language proficiency requirement in either one of the following ways:
        TOEFL score must be 86 with no section less than 20 (Internet-based) or 560 (paper-based).
        IELTS score must be of 6.5 with no section less than 6.0 (Academic version).
        MELAB score must be of 80, or higher.
        PTE score must be of 59, or higher (Academic version).
        The successful completion of Tier 3 of the University of Calgary’s International Foundations Program.
Graduate program endorsement:
Each graduate program advocates the admission of an aspirant to the Faculty of Graduate Studies based on departmental considerations.
Engineering and MBA are the two most popular courses that attract maximum number of students toward Canada. The programme details and associated job prospects offered by University of Calgary have been discussed below.
Engineering Courses
       The Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary is located in the city of Calgary, Alberta’s which is known as the engineering capital of Canada.
       There are eight undergraduate degree programs along with 24 graduate programs.
       Students have the options to pursue highly specialized subjects like Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechatronics and also they have an option to minor in these fields of study.
       The School encourages the largest internship program of its kind in Western Canada.
       Alberta is one of the most desirable locations as it offers a high standard of living and post-graduation employment and immigration options in the world for pursuing higher education and building a career.
       Affordable cost of living and competitive tuition fees make Alberta a wise choice for post-secondary education.
       The majority of abroad MBA applicants look for international work experience, and especially a decent job in the abroad destination where they are studying.
       The post-MBA job categories are not often listed on the skill shortage occupation lists in foreign countries.
       However, things are relatively changing now. Management Consulting, Investment Finance, Banking jobs are now under the skill shortage category in Canada.
       In addition, management consulting job is also under the skills shortage list of Australia.
       The demand for MBA graduates with specialization in Big Data or Analytics is extreme due to the increasing automation, digitalization, and big data boom.
       An MBA degree from the University of Calgary provides vast career opportunities and exposure to diversified business network, new skills and knowledge, and a holistic overview of the business world.
       Almost around 40% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies possess an MBA degree. MBA degree has been one of the most well-known degrees for around last five decades.
The job prospects after studying at the University of Calgary are excellent. The Canadian university supports many global tie-ups with well-renowned companies. The course curriculum in Canada is very industry-oriented. Hence, more than 90% of the students get employed in less than six months after finishing their studies.
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