Is an MBA Degree Worth Studying in 2020?

In 2020, when the corporate world is progressing in a fast pace, MBA being a vocational business degree course, is a significant professional investment which would give you a chance to make a change to this industry. It is a myth that MBA comes with a heavy price tag. But the truth is, return on investment is all what matters. Don’t agree?

Below are some of the facts that would prove that deciding to pursue MBA in 2020 will be financially worthwhile

MBA gives you the power of networking

Apart from the highlighted facts of a higher salary and better employment opportunities, MBA enhances the collaborating and building up of professional contacts. It focusses on highly ambitious individual and academic professional interactions which build up a strong professional network without any hassles. Also according to the MBA alumni’s reviews, getting to know a diverse range of fellow students, with perspectives from a broad range of industries is an enriching experience altogether.

Not just that, getting to know about your strong network fellows you get n opportunity to develop yourself both personally and professionally. When you are exposed to multiple radical minds, you get exposed to out of the ideas, new career opportunities and positive energies.

The MBA is highly valued by employers around the world

Many candidates who undertake MBA course to change the career paths end up reaching one of the higher career goals. As salary depends on the position you have in the institute, you not just earn the respect of a high position, but also a good return of investment. Also, as per the records, MBA is the only professional course which gives you the best career and salary hike which other courses won’t fetch. As far as the employers are concerned, of course they consider the MBA graduates rather than the other ones because they marketing is a main highlight of any company for its overall growth.

Best Return on Investment

Although, MBA degree comes with a high price tag, but it is the best course to provide a fair return on investment. If we consider the IIM’s or top B Schools, the average fees lies between 15-25 Lacs while the average placement is also considerably high with a placement lying between 50-70 lacs. It means that your total fees for the course gets covered within half a year of your work life. Isn’t it a fair deal?

Also, when you have prestigious institutes like D.Y. Patil Institute of MCA and Management located in Pune you do not have to worry about the seats, cut offs, placements and courses. It is one of the best institute for MBA in Pune that has been consistent in imparting quality education to its students. To read more about all the insightful details about this college, you can visit the college website.

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